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About us

In a nutshell, the philosophy of 
Sabrang Communications and Publishing Pvt. Ltd.

Sabrang Communications ("sabrang" means "all colours") was started in 1993  to provide information on, analyse and expose the machinations of communal politics in India, on the subcontinent and abroad and to publicise the attempt of secular individuals, groups and organisations engaged in fighting them. We stand for equal respect to all religions but are opposed to the cynical manipulation of faith in the pursuit of power. Therefore we are opposed to both majority and minority communalism.

Communalism Combat
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The riot in the mind festers for long before it spills onto the streets... and can often be prevented by responsible information, debate and dialogue.
Communalism Combat, a monthly in an attractive reader-friendly format, has been, since August 1993, doing just that. Publishing analyses and exposures of the manipulations of communal political parties, both of the majority and the minority, as also soul-searching personal accounts of individuals from India, the sub-continent and abroad engaged in battling the forces that divide.

Articles and ideas from the grassroots are always welcome. Already we reach over 4,500 schools and 1,500 colleges. 
Here is what some people have to say about Combat... (TESTIMONIALS)

From January 1998, we will also be producing a monthly Wallpaper on communal harmony, in Hindi. These will be distributed for display at schools and community centres.

Khoj -- secular education programme
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KHOJ, Prejudice is consciously or unconsciously passed on from generation to generation by way of communal prejudice, gender and caste biases. Since June 1994 we have been researching extensively on creative modules that can evolve into full-fledged intervention within the social studies syllabus to prejudice at different levels. KHOJ, our secular education programme, is today successfully running in many Bombay schools. In another three years we hope to be ready with a versatile multi-media educational kit that can be implemented through the social studies syllabus.

Volunteers who may want to join in are welcome to get in touch.

AMAN, an olive branch of the KHOJ project is an attempt to link children of South Asia with each other. Already children from Karachi have been ccorresponding with each other through the Aman peacepals programme and we are hoping to visit each other in an exchange soon. We have printed peace T-shirts using a logo created by a Pakistani child.


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