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Sabrang believes in active interventions with the political class, bureaucracy and policemen ----executive and institutional--- to dialogue for a need for increased spaces for rights’ concerns.  

Since our establishment a decade ago, we have been active and successful in many such interventions that include the issue of hate teaching through text books, the arming of civil society through blatant distribution of trishuls, the issue of the need for police reform and also specific legislation on the issue of mass crimes. On the issue of hate speech especially, Sabrang has been active in trying to foster a countrywide campaign against hate speech in the political sphere. Drafting adequate FIRs and pushing the police to register a complaint against sections of the IPC, pursuing the complaint to it’s logical end.

Sabrang has always stood against narrow mindedness of all colours and sorts and hence stood for the freedom to dissent as represented by writers Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen. The issue of the right to silence played out at the time of religious rituals or festivals be it Ganesh Chaturthi  or the early morning azaan has also been one of concern. 

We would encourage visitors to our site to engage in creative advocacy with us and send us suggestions about which issues need to be raised with the political class, and how this can be done. 


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