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Bilkees Bano Case: Justice at last!

The bitter truth about Glittering Gujarat

Bilquees Bano, victim of brute gender violence, key witness and survivor of a brutal massacre. Speaking at a press conference in New Delhi on Monday January 21, 2008 she said,

“Gaon chod kar bhaga hai. Khyun bhaga hai? Hamara gaon (Singwagdh) chod kar) hamare rishtedaar, Devgadh Baria mein Rehmabaad Colony mein rahte hai.

My relatives and I have fled our village. Why have we fled our village? My relatives stay at Rehmabaad Colony in Devgadh Baria.

Abhi bhi kyun dar hai ?

Why is there any fear now?

Case khatam hone ke baad kyun dar hai?

After the case has reached completition why is there so much fear?

Gujarat sarkar ko kehna chahiye, “mat daro!” Mein aapko suraksha deta hoon”. Aisa kyun nahi kahti aur karti Gujarat Sarkar?

The Gujarat government should be saying, “do not be afraid.” “I will protect you.” Why does the Gujarat government not give this reassurance?


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