October  2001 
Year 9    No.72


Cover Story

l  Islam : moment of truth  
Among other things, September 11 has triggered a serious soul-search among Muslims.

l My fatwa  on the fanatics
l 'If you hate the West, emigrate to a Muslim country'
l   'Muslims have to reject the discourse of anger’
l   Fashions in atrocities
l    ‘Think Taliban, think Nazis’
l   CIA bin Laden
l Why be shy about SIMI?
l The politics of a ban


Please don't add to our suffering
Image and reality

Special Report

Hindutva targets the hinterland

l Shivaji in ‘secular’ Maharashtra
l Reason, emotion and history
l The Evils of Caste
l Stop the ‘Talibanisation’ of India
l The Story of Shivaji’s Coronation

Hate Crimes
Backlash against Arab-Americans


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