March-April  2002 


Place: Randhikpur, Panchmahal district
(19-year-old). Rabia, her neighbour and relative, was with her at the time of the interview.

(Interviewed at Godhra Relief Camp on March 22)

On the highway just outside the village we were set upon by a mob and 14 persons from my family were butchered and killed — 7 from my father’s family and 7 from my in-laws’ side. All the women and young girls, including my 3 1/2 -year-old baby, were raped before being killed. They did the same thing to me, and if I am alive, it is only because after attacking me, they left me, thinking I was dead.

My aunt, my mother, my three sisters all met with the same fate. I am 5-6 months pregnant. My husband and in-laws were away for Id. My husband came to meet me yesterday. All the other villagers, including Rabia’s family, had fled the day before, but we stayed behind because my aunt’s daughter was about to deliver. That delay has cost us everything. I have filed a complaint with the police but I don’t know whether I will get justice.

Bilkees’ FIR, addressed to the DSP, Dahod, reads:

"I, the complainant, am married to Yakub Rasul Patel, resident of Kapdi falia, Baria. We had a daughter named Saleha who was aged 3 ½ years. My mother’s home is in Randhikpur taluka, Dahod.

"On February 23, it being Id, I had gone with my little girl to my mother’s home. On February 27, because of the incident at Godhra Railway station, there was tension and violence in the surrounding villages. In order to save our lives, at about 10 o’clock in the morning on February 28, a total of 16 people from our house — I, my two sisters and two brothers, our mother, my little girl, my maternal uncle, my paternal aunt and her husband and their daughters -- left Randhikpur for Baria on foot. As we came to know that there was violence everywhere on the way, we stopped at Bijal Damor in Chuddi village. Around midnight, we went and hid in Kuvajar mosque.

"The daughter of my paternal aunt who was pregnant, gave birth to a girl. Around 10 o’clock the next morning, we went to Khudra and stayed with adivasis for two days. After two days, early in the morning, we came to Chhaparwad. We were walking down a kutcha road to save our lives.

While passing between two hills, two vehicles came in the direction of Chhaparwad and Randhikpur, with 30-40 people in them. This included Shailesh Bhat, Raju Soni, Lala doctor, Govind Nana, Jaswant Navi, Lalo Vakil, who is the son of Bhagu Kuverji and Kesar Khima, Baka Khima Vasava. All of them are from Randhikpur so we recognised them. The others were from Chhaparwad, whose names we did not know, but whom I would recognise if I see them.

"All had lethal weapons in their hands — swords, spears, scythes, sticks, daggers, bows and arrows. They started screaming, "Kill them, Cut them up!’ They raped my two sisters and me and behaved in an inhuman way with my uncle and aunt’s daughters. They tore our clothes and raped eight of us. Before my very eyes they killed my 3 ½-year-old daughter.

"The people who raped me are Shailesh Bhatt, Lala doctor, Lala Vakil and Govind Navi, all of whom I know very well. After raping me, they beat me up. Having been injured in the head, I fainted. They left, assuming I was dead.

"After two to three hours, when I regained consciousness, on seeing the corpses of my family members, I was terrified. I climbed up the hill and stayed there the whole night.

"In the morning, when the police came to know about this attack, they came to take the corpses and found me alive. As all my clothes were torn, they brought me some clothes from the house of an adivasi staying at the foot of the hill. Then they brought me to Limkheda and from there I was brought to the relief camp at Godhra.

"The above-mentioned people raped my deceased sisters and me, as well as the daughters of my maternal uncle and my paternal aunt. They killed all the people except myself. For which reason I say that legal action should be taken against the above-mentioned people."

The deceased: 15 of a family butchered. All women victims, including a 3 1/2 -year-old baby, raped before being killed.
The accused: Shailesh Bhat, Raju Soni, Lala doctor, Govind Nana, Jaswant Navi, Lalo Vakil, who is the son of Bhagu Kuverji and Kesar Khima, Baka Khima Vasava (all from Randhikpur).

Place: Dairol kasba, Kalol taluka, Panchmahal district

(CC has a copy of this heart-wrenching account of the survivors entitled: ‘Facts About Corpses Found Near The Canal Beyond Dairol Town — An Irreligious Act — A Heinous, Terrifying, Mind Boggling Incident’.

‘The heart-rending story, which would put even the devil to shame, of the fate which befell, near Dairol, a family of labourers who escaped from Limkheda town to save their lives and take the shelter of humanity.’

On Friday, March 1, realising that Limkheda was not safe, 17 of us left our house surreptitiously and took the train to Pandu, a town in Kalol taluka near Dairol station. From Dairol, one has to take a rickshaw or bus to go to Pandu.

As soon as we got off at Dairol station, we saw there was no security here also. Even as we wondered what to do, we saw a murderous crowd coming towards us. So we started running to save our lives. One of us, Anwar Khan Walimohammed Khan Pathan, aged about 50 years, was caught, sprayed with kerosene and burnt alive.

On the way, just outside Dairol town, as we passed the houses of the harijans, we saw a crowd bearing swords, bamboos, daggers, sticks and sharp instruments and carrying in their hands petrol and diesel-kerosene tins, rushing towards us. Then, they started beating and herding us towards the canal. Once there, they first committed base acts with our mothers and sisters and then killed them by cutting them up in pieces.

Boys aged 7 to 12, escaped from their clutches and hid in the maize farms of the Kanatias, near the canal. Bhalabhai, who lives near the Kanatia road heard our cries and he sheltered us in his house for six days.

On March 7, he brought police inspector Kotwal to his house and Bhalabhai handed over to him the six children whom he had sheltered. The PI took the children safely to their relative, Ganimiyan Ibrahim Mithi Malek.

The boys who were saved by Bhalabhai narrated these facts. The latter recorded them.

The names of the children who were abused but who survived:
1. Mohsin Khan Majid Khan Pathan (10)

2. Shahrukh Yasin Khan Pathan (7)

3. Ayyub Khan Yasin Khan Pathan (12)

4. Farzana bibi Yasin Khan Pathan (11)

5. Mustafa Khan Yusuf Khan Pathan (12)

6. Siraj Khan Hussein Khan Pathan (8)

The deceased: 11 from a family of 17 killed.

1. Khatoonbibi Hussainkhan Pathan (40)

2. Akbarkhan Hussainkhan Pathan (25)

3. Jaibunnisha Akbarkhan Pathan (18)

4. Yusufkhan Ayyubkhan Pathan (14)

5. Rihanaben Akbarkhan Pathan (50)

6. Anwarkhan Walimohammed Pathan (20)

7. Sitara Majidkhan Pathan (12)

8. Noorjehan Majitkhan Pathan (14)

9. Imrankhan Majitkhan Pathan (15)

10. Afsanaben Yasinkhan Pathan (20)

11. Jariefkhan Yasinkhan Pathan (18)

Place: Dairol kasba, Kalol taluka, Panchmahal district
Maulana Ilyasbhai

(Interviewed at Jambusar Relief Camp on March 22)

A total of 368 Muslims were residents of the village. On March 1, we were attacked by a 5-6,000 strong mob. I managed to hide in the nearby jungle from where I saw all the gruesome killings. A total of 38 persons were burned alive. There is no Muslim living in the village now, so it is very difficult to get full details on this incident.

The deceased: 38 persons burnt to death.

Place: Dairol kasba, Kalol taluka, Panchmahal district
Anwar Wali Mohammed Sheikh

(Interviewed at Godhra Relief Camp on March 22)

We were trying to escape on foot when we were attacked at Dairol station. I lost most of my family. I was 1 ½ kms. behind the rest. They beat me up and left me. My family, which was ahead, tried to take refuge in the house of a harijan. But they were chased by the mob along the Nehr Narmada Canal with guptis and dhariyas and 14 persons were brutally killed.

I was at the rail phatak, I could hear screams. I was attacked twice. Malik uparwala janata hai ki hamare pariwar ke char chote, chote bacchiyon ke sath kya suluk kiya. (God knows the treatment they gave to four small girl children from my family). They first killed and then burnt them. I stayed in Dahod for one whole week. Of my joint family of 20 members, one person is with me here and five are in Halol. The other 14 have been killed.

The deceased: 14 members of a family of 20 wiped out.

Place: Pandharwada village, Panchmahal district
Habib Rasool

(Interviewed at Godhra Relief Camp on March 22)

Nearly 60-70 Muslims were butchered on March 1, after a mob of local Patels, Panchals and Harijans (2-2,500) and some 3-4,000 tribal bhai bandh attacked our village. We were completely taken aback. One Patel told us to go to his farm where, he promised, we would be safe. But once we were there, he got our people attacked from all sides in the farm. Eight of my children were trapped there and I lost all of them. The sarpanch, Anil Modi was with the mob. They hit us, chased us, threw acid and burnt us. I somehow got saved. There are 13 families from Pandharwada in the relief camp. Ten persons who were burnt badly in acid attacks are in a serious condition in the Godhra Civil Hospital.

The deceased: 60-70 Muslims, including 8 children of witness Habib Rasool, killed.
The accused:
Sarpanch Anil Modi and Patel.

Place: Pandharwada village, Panchmahal district
Umar Bhai Ashraf Bhai

(Interviewed at Godhra Relief Camp on March 22)

I am also from Pandharwada village. Another Patel, Mahindra Vakil, betrayed us by taking us to his farm and getting us killed. He told some of us in the village when the attack was imminent, "Come to my house, I will save you. My house has a 10 foot high boundary wall and you will be safe." So, 60-70 people, especially women and children, went there. The moment we got inside, he locked us from outside and blocked the entrance door with timber logs.

After some time we heard shouts and screams. The attacks began, in which many people succumbed. A two-year-old girl was burnt alive. If some of our young men had not worked very hard to get us out of the trap, it would have been an even bigger tragedy.

What was the administration doing? There are about 1,200 villages in Panchmahal district and in about 400 of them there was similar violence.

The deceased: ‘Many people’ died a gruesome death. A to-year-old girl was burnt alive.
The accused:
Mahendra Vakil

Place: Pandharwada village, Panchmahal district
Mariam Aapa

(Interviewed at Godhra Relief Camp on March 22)

I was inside Mahendra Vakil’s house when I saw him calling a mob of 25-30 persons to attack us with acid. This, after he had told us he will keep us safely in his house. I was hiding in the bathroom but my sister Zora was the victim of bad acid burning and now she is in the Lunavada camp.

For three days no policemen came. Jaswant Patel, who owns the farm, should have been arrested immediately. By the way, in our village, on Thursday day itself, telephone wires were cut and in Mora village, STD lines were cut. At 9 p.m. in Mora village, the lights were also put out. The day before, some persons had warned us that electricity will go and the phones will be cut, so beware. Therefore, all the attacks must have been planned.

I think about 100 people were killed from our village alone. All the families have been separated. Many young men were killed and only women are left now.

The deceased: ‘I think about 100 people were killed from our village alone’.
The accused:
Mahendra Vakil and Jaswant Patel.

Place: Pandharwada village, Panchmahal district
Yusufbhai Abdulbhai Saiyed

(Interviewed at Lunavada Relief Camp at Kalol on March 22)

I lost my father in the incident at Pandharwada where nearly 30-40 persons were killed inside Mahendra Vakil’s house. My father was killed with a sword slashing his head. My brother was also murdered. (During his interview, Yusufbhai showed a huge gash on his back; some of his teeth were broken and his jaw was fractured). Though 30-40 persons were murdered, police say only 12 people are killed.

The deceased: Father and brother of Yusufbhai Abdulbhai Saiyed among 30-40 others killed.
The accused:
Mahendra Vakil.

Place: Pandharwada village, Panchmahal district
Akhtar Hussain Najeem Khan

(Interviewed at Godhra Relief Camp on March 22)

It was 12 in the afternoon and I was with about 200 people, mostly women, inside. I could see from the grill outside, how he was summoning the crowd to attack us. Broken glass pieces, acid, kerosene was flung at the victims before setting them on fire. For 3-4 hours, I saw everything.

My wife and two children are here with me but 11 of my family members are missing. I cannot bear the thought, but I even saw dogs eating the copses. The taluka panchayat pramukh of Khanpur, Jaswant Manilal Patel (BJP), took away 25 corpses and burnt them.

The deceased: 25 corpses burnt; 11 members of a single family missing.
The accused:
Jaswant Manilal Patel (BJP), taluka panchayat pramukh, Khanpur.

Place: Pandharwada village, Panchmahal district
Noor-un-Nissa (12 years old)

(Interviewed at Godhra Relief Camp on March 22)

We were in the farm when lots of people came shouting and started attacking us. My chacha (uncle) fell down and some men placed a sword on my father’s neck. We were trying to run up the hill to save our lives. Allah saved us. I remember seeing a woman crying because her baby was thirsty. I did not see them after that. My mother was with me and so was my khala (aunt). My father is alive but my uncle was killed in front of us.

I was begging everybody, "Please don’t kill my father, please don’t kill my mother!" One Fakirbhai, who is a flourmill worker had his head chopped off. I almost fainted out of exhaustion when one Bhil told me to run away fast. Two adivasis took me into their house. They changed my dress and made me put on a lengha. The crowd came and started shouting, "Nikalo, nikalo!". But they said there is no Muslim in the house. Then the police arrived and I got saved.

The deceased: Fakirbhai and chacha of Noor-un-Nisa beheaded.

Place: Pandharwada village, Panchmahal district
Akeela, Halima, Sheikh Faiz Mohammedbhai Ahmedbhai.

(Interviewed at Kalol Relief Camp on March 22)

Akeela: My husband Yasinbhai, was killed; they sliced his head off with a sword. He was a daily wage earner. I have two small daughters and one son – Anisa (7), Nilofer (6) and Waris (5). After killing my husband, they tried to rape me. They threw me on top of my husband and my three children were flung in the gutter. I managed to run up the hill with my three children who are now in the camp with me.

Halima Aapa: The persons responsible for the murder of so many of our people in the farm are Pramilal, Jaswant Manilal Patel, Arvind Patel, Mansukh Bhai Chamunda and Sanjay. Their betrayal of all of us was amazing. They called us, promised to save us and then organised the attack.

Akeela’s husband had been working for 15 years in Mansukh Chamunda’s house in Rajkot but was not paid any money. Apart from me, the other eyewitnesses to the whole massacre in the farmland are: Yakubbhai Gulambhai Saiyed, Yusufbhai Abdulbhai Saiyed and Sheikh Faiz Mohammedbhai Ahmedbhai.

Sheikh Faiz Mohammedbhai Ahmedbhai saw with his own eyes, his uncle and aunt — Sheikh Habibbhai Ashrafbhai Bismillah Habibbhai and Dulanbibi Ashrafbhai – chopped to pieces and then burnt. They were surrounded by a gang of 5-7,000 people who killed mercilessly; even our animals were not spared in our homes.

I was in the farm when men carrying dariyas and swords attacked my son, Jabbirbhai Ghanibhai, father of 5 children. They killed my son and I ran. I have nobody but Allah left now. My brother-in-law was also killed in the farm and so were Abdul Karim chacha and Sadiq Khan. My daughter-in-law, Jamila is missing. I have no family member left with me. We got no help from the police that day. There is a police outpost at Pandharwada with two policemen who did nothing. When I went to the Khanpur police station, I was simply told, "Tum tumhari jaan bachhao" ("You save your own skin.")

Sheikh Faiz Mohammedbhai Ahmedbhai: My wife was burnt with a solvent. Jabbir Kalos, a one-and-a-half-month old baby was also thrown into the fire but I pulled her out and handed her back to her mother, Madina. Another small girl, Nafisa, was also thrown out in the fire; I pulled her out too.

The VHP district president hails from Bakor, 3 km from Pandharwada. He is, today ,a resident of Godhra. He is responsible for much of the havoc caused in the villages.

Similar tragedies have taken place in Vispur, Umet, Modasa, Lunavada, Kapadwanj, Malpur and Khanpur. Four persons who had gone for a wedding to Vispur are missing. The Godhra-Modasa highway which branches off into two roads that go to Rajasthan (at Balaliya and Ratanpur), saw complete destruction, as mobs targetted trucks. Other transport vehicles were also targetted and burnt, with their Muslim drivers inside them. On this road, there is heavy traffic and the destruction of life, goods and vehicles was massive.

The deceased: Yasinbhai beheaded. Sheikh Habibbhai Ashrafbhai Bismillah Habibbhai and Dulanbibi Ashrafbhai chopped to pieces and then burnt. Jabbirbhai Ghanibhai, killed with dariyas and swords. Wife of Sheikh Faiz Mohammedbhai Ahmedbhai burnt with a solvent.

Jabbirbhai Ghanibhai’s wife Jamila, missing.

The accused: Pramilal, Jaswant Manilal Patel, Arvind Patel, Mansukh Bhai, Chamunda, Sanjay, the VHP district president, Godhra.

Place: Eral Gaon, Kalol taluka, Panchmahal district
Mustafa Ismailbhai

(Interviewed at Kalol Relief Camp on March 22)

Seven persons from my family have been killed. Shabana, my 18-year-old daughter, was raped in front of my wife, Madinabibi Mustafa, before being killed. Two of my sons and my wife survived. I am a driver by profession and was out when the incident happened.

My daughter Shabana, Ismail Master, Uribibi, Adambhai Ibrahimbhai (my brother-in-law), Rukaiya Adambhai (my sister), Tajoobibi and Suhanabibi were all killed. Tajoobibi’s four-year-old son’s finger was cut off. I filed an FIR at Kalol taluka police station but even after 22 days there has been no arrest.

My wife who is an eyewitness has named the following accused:

The deceased: Seven members of a family killed, including Shabana (18) who was raped in front of her mother, then killed.
The accused:
Rajubhai Vithalbhai Talati, Purshottambhai Gordhanbhai Parmar, Ganabhai Chandubhai Parmar, Bhailalbhai Maganbhai and Narendra Singh Chandulal.

Place: Sanjeli, Kalol Taluka, Panchmahal district
Sharief Khan Pathan

(Interviewed at Godhra Relief Camp on March 22)

Sanjeli has a population of around 550 Hindus and the same number of Muslims. For two full days on March 1 and 2, a 10-12,000 strong mob armed with swords and guns wreaked havoc in the village. 13-14 people were killed. The police did nothing. We have faith only in Allah.

Whatever happened in Godhra, we did not want that. All of us from Sanjeli, about 550 Muslims, are in Dahod camp. Sanjeli was cordoned off for two whole days, it was the Dahod DSP who took us to the camp in his car. The destruction of the homes in Sanjeli is the worst. In the villages of Dahod taluka too, or Kalol in which Sanjeli, Piplot, Bandibad, Vasia, Garbada are, 2,500-3,000 strong mobs have gone on the rampage in these villages.

In Vasia village, there are only 12 Muslim homes amidst 2-300 adivasis. On March 2, between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m., a crowd of 3-5,000 attacked us and started looting. Somehow, the 12 Muslim families escaped but the Dahod police station has not registered an FIR.

The deceased: 13-14 people killed.
Policemen indicted:
Sanjeli and Dahod police.

Place: Malav Gaon, Kalol taluka, Panchmahal district
Mustafa Abdul Sheikh

(Interviewed at Kalol Relief Camp on March 22)

On March 1, 35 homes were burnt. We escaped to Kalol where the police refused to register FIR. Dilip Babu Shah and Ulhas Daya Patel were arrested and let off.

Property looted/destroyed: 35 homes burnt.

The accused: Dilip Babu Shah and Ulhas Daya Patel.

Policemen indicted: Kalol police station.

Place: Mora village, Morvad Hadap, Panchmahal district
Sulemanbhai Yusuf

(Interviewed at Godhra Relief Camp on March 22)

The village has 35 houses and one masjid. When the attack took place, the collector, Jayanthi Ravi, managed to save the masjid and 2-3 houses. There were big mobs indulging in violence.

Property looted/destroyed: Over 30 houses destroyed.

Place: Mora village, Morvad Hadap, Panchmahal district
Salauddin Gurji

(Interviewed at Godhra Relief Camp on March 22)

I personally saw Amrishbhai Panchal (BJP mahamantri), Bipinbhai Bhoi (BJP), Kantilal Rana (BJP), Vinod Ambalal Bhoi (Bajrang Dal, president) and Vikrambhai Dindod (BJP delegate from Rajasthan). They were the main perpetrators of the violence. On Thursday (February 28) night, they left Godhra with two jeeps full of people and carried the Sandesh article and pamphlets with them. SI Mora and SI Damod along with two constables, Nawat Singh and Mafatlal, were the ones who were their open supporters.

The accused: Amrishbhai Panchal (BJP mahamantri), Bipinbhai Bhoi (BJP), Kantilal Rana (BJP), Vinod Ambalal Bhoi (Bajrang Dal, president) and Vikrambhai Dindod (BJP, Rajasthan).

Policemen indicted: SI Mora, SI Damod, constable Nawat Singh, constable Mafatlal.

Mora village, Morvad Hadap, Panchmahal district


(Interviewed at Godhra Relief Camp on March 22)

On the day of the Gujarat bandh people in motorcycles were moving around the whole district with xerox copies of the Sandesh (Gujarati daily) banner headlines and stories provoking people because of the attack on the train. They were selling these copies for Rs 2. In our village, 117 houses were looted and then burnt.

We took shelter in the local masjid; they tried to attack us with burning tyres but somehow we got saved. The SRP and police, which have posts in every village, did nothing to protect us.

The crowd that attacked us came from outside but they were lead by the sarpanches from five tribal villages: Veramya village sarpanch (Congress); Suliyat village sarpanch (Congress); the Mora village sarpanch (Independent); Deloch village sarpanch (BJP); and Rajaita village sarpanch (BJP).

Property looted/destroyed: 117 houses were looted and then burnt.

The accused: Sarpanches from the tribal villages of Veramya, Suliyat, Mora, Deloch and Rajaita.

Policemen indicted: ‘The SRP and police, which have posts in every village, did nothing to protect us.’

Place: Bagliwada, Vejalpur, Kalol, Panchmahal district
Haji Abdullah Bagli, an elderly trader

(This FIR has been sent by Registered AD to Kalol taluka PSI, Kalol post, Kalol; Home Minister, GS, New Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar; Panchmahal zilla collector, Godhra and the Chairman, National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi. CC has a copy).

FIR: We complainants live in the area around the big mosque. Other Muslim families, too, live and work in the same area. Hindu organisations had called a bandh on February 28, to protest against the Sabarmati Express killings in Godhra. In the communal violence that engulfed Gujarat from February 27 itself, in every city and village,various groups killed members of the minority community, looted and burnt their properties. Vejalpur village, too, suffered.

On the afternoon of March 1, the below-mentioned accused, leading a violent crowd armed with lethal weapons, tins of petrol, diesel and kerosene, attacked the complainant’s neighbourhood. They were screaming: "Kill Muslims, loot their property and burn it."

The accused incited the crowd and they attacked us. As a result, a total of 80 buildings in Bagliwada falia and the falia near the big mosque were burned down, causing damage of more than one crore. Please take necessary steps against these accused.

The accused formed a group and schemed and we stand as witnesses to the looting and arson in our respective areas and we can question all the people and get the exact extent of the damages. Because of the prevailing state of unease and fear since February 27, we could not lodge a complaint personally; witnesses to the looting and burning are as follows: Ishaq Mohammed Badna, Iqbal master, Firojbhai Gada and M. Majid Ibrahim Padwa.

Property looted/destroyed: Estimated at Rs. 1 crore.

The accused: 1) Vinu Budha Patel, next to Shreeji Tiles Factory, Vejalpur, taluka Kalol, zilla panch; 2) Amarsinh Budhabhai Patel, Next to Shreeji Tiles Factory, Vejalpur, taluka Kalol, zilla panch; 3) Santosh Rama Vaghri, Vaghriwad, Tejalpur, taluka Kalol; 4) Anand Rama Vaaghri, Vaghriwad, Tejalpur, taluka Kalol; 5) Girish Varia Kanti Kantawala, Kheda falia, Vejalpur; taluka Kalol; 6) Dharmendra Jadav, Godhra Highway Road, Vejalpur, taluka Kalol; 7) Holo Barot (Garagewala); 8)Bahar faliyu, Vejalpur, taluka Kalol.

Place: Kuvajar, Morva (Hadap) taluka, Panchmahal district
Abdul Sattar Mohammed Hathila

(Has filed an FIR on March 7; CC has a copy. Presently at Iqbal Pr. School Relief Camp Godhra).

FIR: We complainants were living at the above address and plying our tailors’ trade and other miscellaneous business and living in the same village. On March 1, at about 9:30- 10 p.m. at night, we heard shouts from the road: "Maro, kato, jalao, looto!"

When we rushed out of the house, we saw a big crowd charging towards our house. On seeing this, we were taken aback and hid near our house. From there, we saw people from our own village, whom we well recognise, looting our house. After that, they sprayed petrol, kerosene and similar substances all over the house and torched it.

The accused: 1) Saratsingh Daulat (Kuvajar); 2) Rana Balwant (Kuvajar); 3) Arjan Bharat (Kuvajar); 4) Jaswant Singh Ramsingh (Chaupur); 5) Shauka Hira Parmar ( Chaupur); 6) Babu Bhavsingh Vanjara (Khudra); 7) Amarsingh Patel (Khudra).

Place: Kuvajar, Morvad (Hadap) taluka, Panchmahal district
Aneesbhai Majidbhai Hathila

(Has filed an FIR with the DSP, Panchmahal, Registered AD on March 7; CC has a copy. Presently at Iqbal Pr. School Relief Camp, Godhra).

FIR: Please record our written complaint informing you that on March 1 around 12 midnight, we were in our house when a large crowd of people arrived, screaming and shouting. They robbed the goods, gold and silver jewellery, household things and then set fire to the house. I know some of them whose names are as under. They were accompanied by many others whom we did not recognise. Please investigate the complaint and punish.

The accused: 1) Dayabhai Gangabhai (Khudra); 2) Chandubhai Sohanbhai (Chandpur); 3) Vinodbhai Chandubhai (Chandpur); 4) Jaswantsingh Jagalbhai (Chandpur); 5) Manglabhai Parsingbhai (Chandpur).

Place: Mora, Morvad (Hadap) taluka, Panchmahal district
Rukaiyya Bibi Ismail (45), farmer

(Has filed an FIR with the DSP, Panchmahal, Registered, AD. CC has a copy).

FIR: We complainants complain to you that we reside in Mora, taluka Morvad (Hadap), zilla Panchmahal. We are doing farming and business from the time of our forefathers.

On March 2, there was devastation in Mora village. The total damage due to the loot and destruction of our house and shop is around Rs. 1,50,000.

The persons named below incited the adivasis of the surrounding villages to loot our property and the goods in our shops and damaged our property. They were shouting that Muslims and Bohras should be burned alive and their property and shops should be looted. We saw and heard all this. The inciters were also telling the adivasis that the BJP is in power so ‘nothing is going to happen to you all.’ Such persons should be arrested and legal steps should be taken against them under POTO and PASA. When the army arrived from Godhra, we went from Mora to Godhra under their protection. The police did not give us any protection.

Government of India wants to stamp out terrorism whereas Gujarat government and BJP workers want to kill Muslims and Bohras and damage their properties… We are citizens of Bharat and we are loyal and we will remain loyal.

Property looted/destroyed: House and shop estimated at Rs. 1,50,000.

The accused: Prajapati Dineshbhai Ranchhod, Bhavsar Hiteshbhai Ambalal, Harijan Kanji Mansukh, Nigora Lakshman Abhesingh.

Place: Piplod Road, Randhikpur; Limkheda (Singvad) taluka
Ganibhai Majidbhai Ghanchi

(Has filed an FIR on March 10, 2002 with the police chief of Dahod. Presently at the Godhra Relief Camp; CC has a copy).

FIR: We respectfully inform you that we complainants live in Randhikpur (Singvad) post and do business. In our village, there are 71 houses belonging to the Muslim community, besides which there are 14 grocery shops, paan and various other businesses. There is a mosque and a madrassa in the village.

When on February 27, the train incident occurred in Godhra, communal tension spread all over Gujarat and the property of the minority community was looted and burned. And the innocent people of the minority community were being killed.

We complainants, as also the people of our Muslim community, were at home on the night of February 27. Around 2 a.m. on February 28, a mob of around 400-500 people, led by the names mentioned below, targetted us with cans of petrol, diesel.

They first looted and then burned four houses of our community. The mob returned around 8 a.m. the next morning, with lethal weapons and material to loot and then burn down more Muslim houses and shops. In addition, they also torched our mosque and our madrassa.

Led by the accused we have named, the crowd returned on March 1, about 10 or 11o’clock in the morning and looted and torched the remaining 10 houses. In addition, about 200 cows, goats, bullocks etc. were stolen.

We are lodging this complaint against them. These incidents were witnessed by the entire Muslim community in the village.

We should lodge this complaint in Limkheda police station but because of the tense conditions prevailing, we were unable to lodge it in person. We have, therefore, faxed this complaint which please accept and take further action.

Property looted/destroyed: 71 houses, 14 grocery shops, paan and various other businesses, a mosque and a madrassa. Livestock stolen.

The accused: Rameshkumar R. Chandana (sarpanch); Shailesh C. Bhatt; Mitish C. Bhatt; Pradip Ramanbhai Modhia; Naresh Ramanbhai Modhia; Govind Hukam Rawal; Jaswant Rawal; Gopaldas Babulal Shah; Shreepal Ajablal Jain; Vikas Subhash Jain; Gopal Dama Rawal; Govind Varsing Bilwad; Radheshyam B. Shah (lawyer); Ashish B. Shah; Bhagubhai Kuvar Shah; Kesar Khima Vahomia; Rajukant Modhia (came with jeep no. 3605); Mukesh Pawar Vanjara; Umeshkumar Shah (doctor); Maukabhai Mansingh Guniji; Raju Chhagan Harijan; Shankar Chhagan Harijan; Mafat Moghilal Prajapat; Harshad Kantilal Patanwadia; Natu Dala Parmar; Bharat Raval; Dave Raju Magan Maharaj; Khicha Vahomia; Pankajkumar Naran Luhar; Ashok Naran Luhar; Raju Karan Vanjhara; Mangalbhai Mogilal Prajapati; Pradyumbhai Majisaivik (came in car no. GJ-17-7-5728); Gopal Prakash Modhia; Jignesh Prakash Modhia; Dilip Manalal Darji; Vijaykumar Ramanlal Modhia; Harish B. Shah; Manish B. Shah; Kambhai Lalit Bairyawala (tailor); Dilip K. Chandana; Kanti Kadakia Shilot; Lakshman Bhabor (Dasana); Natu Dhirsingh Sangada; Bharat Dhirsingh Sangada; Kambhai Master (Dasa); Padamsingh Labana Bandibarwala; Kamleshkumar Manharlal Dave; Pramukhkumar Bhagabhai Dabgar; Rajubhai Babulal Soni; Mahesh Suvalal Shah; Budhabhai Shamabahi Bilwad; Umeshkumar Gopikrishan Shah; Nileshkumar Anadilal Shah (teacher); Rajeshkumar Anandilal Shah.

(All the above 54 are residents of Randhikpur)

Jaswantbhai Patel (Chhapan Road, taluka Limkheda came in his car; Mahendra Driver Chhaparwad came in car, car No. GJ-17-C-2853); Narsingh, sarpanch Dhamanbhai.

Place: Kuvajar, Morvad (Hadap) taluka, Panchmahal district
Idrisbhai Mohammed Bhai Dudila

(The FIR has been lodged with the DSP, Panchmahal, Registered AD. CC has a copy Presently at Godhra Relief Camp.)

FIR: Jai Bharat. We complainants write to inform you that on March 1, at about 11 p.m., when we had finished our dinner and preparing to sleep we heard screams form all four directions. We had to vacate our houses and as we watched, the persons mentioned below and the huge crowd with them attacked our homes.

After they looted the things in my house, the below -mentioned persons sprinkled kerosene from the can they were carrying all over my home, torched it at several points. We ran from there to save our lives. Please investigate the above, take our reports.

The accused: 1) Jaswant Ramsingh Patel (Chandpur); 2) Prabhat Ramsingh Patel (Chandpur); 3) Himmatbhai Ramsingh Patel; 4) Himmatsingh Navalbhai Nayak (Khudra); 5) Rajesinghbhai Kanjibhai; 6) Sesingh Sardarbhai; 7) Dashratbhai Rawesingh; 8) Samatsingh Amarsingh Patel; 9) Kiran Abhesingh; 10) Samatsingh Manji; 11) Narsingh Khatra (the latter named all from Kuvajar, taluka Morwa (Hadap).

Place: Vejalpur, taluka Kalol, Panchmahal district.
Irfan Yusuf Mansuri

(The FIR has been lodged with the DSP, Panchmahal, Registered AD. CC has a copy.)

FIR: We, complainants, live in Diwan falia, near Vejalpur out police station and we work and support ourselves and our family in Vejalpur village. In the falia next to our falia, such as the falia outside the gate of the police station, the post office falia and in the surrounding areas, other Muslims have their houses and live there. And all the families were doing their business and supporting the people in the families.

1. During the Gujarat bandh called on February 28 in response to the Godhra killings on February 27, communal riots broke out all over Gujarat state in which the minority shops and houses in every village were looted, vandalised and torched. Vejalpur village also became prey to the right wing, fanatical Hindus.

2. On March 1, between 11 and 12 o’clock, the accused, together with a large crowd carrying lethal weapons and inflammatory materials assembled to burn houses and shops. All these accused instigated the crowd who attacked our house as well as those of other Muslims and caused damage of about Rs 35 lakh by looting and torching them. The people of our falia as well as those of adjoining falias have suffered extensive damage by arson and looting and we have witnesses who will ascertain the exact amount of the damage.

3. Right now, since the incident of February 27, in all of Gujarat including Panchmahal zilla, there is an atmosphere of unease and fear, so we were unable to lodge this complaint immediately.

Witnesses are as under:

1) Ilyas Yusuf Mansuri; 2) Sikander Ismail Mansuri; 3) Maulvi Abdul Rehman; 4) A. Majid A. Gani Mansuri; 5) Farukh A. Majid Khadkhad

FIRs have been lodged with 1) Kalol taluka PSI, police station, Kalol; 2) Home minister, GS, New Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar; 3) Chairman, NHRC, New Delhi, with a request to enter our complaints, start legal proceeding and for information.

Property looted/torched: Losses estimated at Rs 35 lakh.

The accused: 1 Mukesh Devidas Jaswani, aka Gungo, Sindhi Bazar (Vejalpur); 2) Rajeshbhai Vensimal Jaswani, aka Sindhi, Sindhi Bazar (Vejalpur); 3) Rajesh Ballu Jaswani, aka Sindhi, Sindhi Bazar (Vejalpur); 4) Rakesh Nagindas Soni, aka Sindhi, Sindhi Bazar (Vejalpur); 5) Bharat Vensimal Jaswani, aka Sindhi, Sindhi Bazar (Vejalpur); 6) Prakash Urshandas Aswani; 7) Amit Sheth aka Rana, panchayat member.

Place: Dalal, taluka Kalol, Panchmahal district.
Siraj Nasiruddin Kansara (45); Business: Cycle Store

(The FIR has been lodged with the SP, Panchmahal, Registered AD. CC has a copy.)

FIR: We, complainants, inform you that in connection with the incident that occurred in Godhra, communal violence erupted in Gujarat and in every village of Panchmahal zilla. A plot was hatched, Muslim people were targetted; their lives endangered, their property destroyed. Muslims were attacked everywhere.

On February 28, a crowd of 150 to 200 people looted our property and torched the remaining as a result of which we were very frightened. The next morning, around 9-10 o’clock, the same crowd returned shouting, "Chop and kill the Muslims!" We ran into the fields to save our lives.

As we passed Ushalni Muwadi, a crowd from Nesda village came from the opposite direction too. These people had lethal weapons and to save our lives we ran helter skelter. They chased the fleeing Muslims and the six who got separated from us were cut to pieces and killed. They disposed off the corpses also. We recognised the leader of the crowd from Nesda village whose name is given below.

Those among us who succeeded in saving our lives, are as follows: 1) Umerbhai Adambhai Shaikh; 2) Samirbhai Yunusbhai Shaikh; 3) Tuvab Ismailbhai Shaikh; 4) Naseem Naseeruddin Kansara.

The deceased: 1) Fatmabi Ibrahim Kotdawala; 2) Allarakha Ibrahim Kotdawala; 3) Ismail Moosa Tailor; 4) Bibiben Ismail Tailor; 5) Rahimuddin Rafiuddin Kansara; 6) Imam Aslam Kansara.

The accused: Vikram Nagar Solanki and a crowd of more than 100 people, Nesda village, taluka Kalol.

Place: Babaliya village, Panchmahal district
Jabbir Mohammed Abdul Razzak Shaikh

(Has filed an FIR with the Khanpur Police Station by Registered AD from Lunavada dated March, 23. Copies have been sent to the Chief Secretary, Gujarat, the Chief Justice, Gujarat High Court and the Chairperson, NHRC. CC has a copy.)

FIR: I the under signed complainant have to inform your honour that our family has been established at Babaliya for many years. We were running a grocery, a grain shop and a small flour-mill. We also handled small, transport business with jeep and tempo.

On Friday March 1, my father Abdul Rajakbhai, my mother Hajrabibi and my sister Jaybunnisa and I were sitting in the open space outside our shop that was closed because of ‘Gujarat Bandh’. Meanwhile, a crowd under the leadership of the below- mentioned arrived there, shouting and threatening: "Kill the Muslims’, "Cut them up’, "Rape their women", "Rob their property", "Burn their property’, ‘Burn them."

I and my sister, Jaybunnisa ran some distance and hid behind a tree on the nearby hill. Some in the crowd began to beat my father and mother while others broke the door of the house, shop and flour-mill and looted grain, grocery, TV set, gold ornaments and cash. Then they blasted the entire structure using some inflammable liquid. The accused then went away on the Naroda road dragging with them my father and mother. They also took away our Suzuki motor-bike.

Our lives were in danger so we hid ourselves for two to three days in the farms and the forest to save our lives. Due to pregnancy, my sister was in a bad state, somehow we managed to find her shelter in Bakor and I, carefully hiding myself, reached Lunavada with much difficulty. I am mentally disturbed and mentally broken.

I have complained and requested the police station Khanpur, mamlatdar Bakor, mamlatdar Lunavada, collector of Godhra and SP of Godhra to take legal action against the culprits I have named. But despite frequent complaints no action is taken against them though the crowd has killed my father and mother and destroyed their dead bodies.

I request your honour to initiate due procedure and take steps against the accused persons so they are punished.

The deceased: Abdul Rajakbhai Shaikh and Hajrabibi Rajakbhai Shaikh.

The accused: 1) Arvind Singh Ranjit Singh Thakore (owner, tempo, no. KJ17 X 5838); 2) Mehta Hitesh Kumar Jayantilal (owner, Mehta photo studio at Bakor); 3) Jayantilal Parma Bhai Patel (Gangta); 4) Panchal Mohan Bhai Soma Bhai (Naroda, runs hotel); 5) Bharat Singh Ranjit Singh Thakore (Tarakdi, his tempo no. GJ17 T 7121); 6) Bhagvan Bhai Sabur Bhai (sarpanch, Koyla village); 7) Babubhai Patel (Yoka); 8) Nareshbhai Patel (His commander jeep no: GJ17R92); 9) Kanku Bahen Dalabhai (Gangta, runs hotel at bus stand); 10) Malivad Nanabhai Bhurabhai (runs hotel near Ganga petrol pump); 11) Patel Rameshbhai Bhaga Bhai (driver of private vehicle); and a crowd of 250 under the leadership of above-mentioned accused.

Policemen/officials indicted: Police station Khanpur, mamlatdar Bakor, mamlatdar Lunavada, collector of Godhra and SP of Godhra.

CC has received this complaint directly from some of the residents of Panchmahal district:

We humbly draw your attention to the most important points relating to these communal riots. Please take serious note of this; our feelings and demands should reach those at the highest level.

1. These riots are unprecedented for our district.

2. The style of terror and modus operandi are the same all over Gujarat.

3. Lunawada (Pin Code 389230) and surroundings areas are the worst affected part of the entire state.

4. A horrible incident has taken place near Limadia Chokdi (20 kms from Lunavada). The terrorists burnt alive nearly 65 Muslims who were fleeing to save their lives in two tempos from their village Kediagaon. The horrible incident has not yet come to the notice of the media and the country. We could not even get the dead bodies of any one of these 65 victims.

5. Nearly fifteen (15) mosques have been demolished in and around Lunavada.

6. Most of those killed were burnt to ashes to hide the crimes and to make it impossible for these deaths to be entered in the official register. Only 13 bodies have been handed over to us by the local police.

7. As you know Pandharwada is the most affected village in our district, where a minimum of 40 Muslims were burnt alive; we could not get their dead bodies till today. Lots of persons are missing and we are unable to get any information on whether they are alive or dead.

8. No action has been taken against the chief criminals of these riots by the police department, they have shown no interest in taking strict action against the chief criminals. The police department is also not interested in combing operations to search the looted wealth.

9. In these riots, all shops and residences of Muslims were destroyed totally, specially in villages surrounding Lunavada.

10. Nearly 1,200 refugees are in our relief camp at Lunawada. Most of them are from villages and they have totally lost their houses and shops. Immediate action should be taken to rebuild their houses and to rehabilitate them. Apart from those at the relief camp, many other victims have taken shelter at their relatives’ houses.

11. The relatives of every deceased person must be paid Rs. 2 lakh compensation immediately.

We request that these incidents be investigated by the CBI.


Sr. No.           Name of the person                                          Age                       Village    Date

1                    Sheikh Husenbhai Valibhai                                62                         Khanpur  2/3/02

2                    Sheikh Munafbhai Adambhaui                         45                         Vridara     5/3/02

3                    Sheikh Rukaiyabibi A. Gafur                             40                         Anjanva   6/3/02

4                   Sheikh Taiyababibi Shabbirbhai                        25                         Anjanva   6/3/02

5                   Sheikh Abbasbhai Gulabbhai                            60                         Anjanva   6/3/02

6                   Sheikh Umarbhai Gulabbhai                               70                        Anjanva   6/3/02

7                   Sheikh Adnan Farooqbhai                                 02                        Anjanva   6/3/02

8                   Sheikh Hafizarrahman Hanifbhai                       02                        Anjanva   6/3/02

9                   Sheikh Raziyabanu Shabbirbhai                        02 ½                   Anjanva   6/3/02

10                 Sheikh   Sumaiyabibi Aiyubbhai                       02 ½                   Anjanva   6/3/02

11                 Sheikh Saeedabibi Hanifbhai                             28                        Anjanva  7/3/02

12                 Sheikh Raziyabibi Mo. Hanif                             30                        Anjanva  7/3/02

13                 Sheikh Jubeda (Munni) Farooq                        14                        Anjanva  7/3/02

14                 Sheikh Arab Saeedbhai                                      38                       Lunavada 7/3/02

List of dead persons, Pandharwada

Sr. No./ Name/ Village

1 Sheikh Abbasbhai Nathubhai Pandharwada

2 Saiyad Yasinbhai Shebabhai Pandharwada

3 Saiyad Aiyubbhai Habibbhai Pandharwada

4 Sheikh Fakirbhai Mohammedbhai Pandharwada

5 Sheikh Salimbhai Abbasbhai Pandharwada

6 Sheikh Muradbhai Mehmoodbhai Pandharwada

7 Sheikh Adam Abdul Pandharwada

8 Kharadi Jabirbhai Ganibhai Pandharwada

9 Divan Jabirbhai Aiyubsha Pandharwada

10 Multani Maanubhai Shenkha Pandharwada

11 Sheikh Kalubhai Gulabbhai Anjanva (Santrumpur)

List of missing persons

Sr. No./ Name of the Person/ Village

1 Sheikh Habib Ashrafbhai Pandharwada

2 Sheikh Bismillah Habib Pandharwada

3 Sheikh Dulhanbibi Pandharwada

4 Sheikh Niyaz Nabibhai Pandharwada

5 Sheikh Harun Bhikhabhai Pandharwada

6 Sheikh Majid Abdulbhai Pandharwada

7 Saiyad Aminaben Imambhai Pandharwada

8 Saiyad Iqbal Imambhai Pandharwada

9 Saiyad Joharbhai Imambhai Pandharwada

10 Saiyad Ruksana Joharbhai Pandarawada

11 Saiyad Sohel Joharbhai Pandharwada

12 Kharadi Yusufbhai Ganibhai Pandharwada

13 Rafiqbhai Karigar Kapadvanj

14 Shahinabanu Rafiqbhai Kapadvanj

15 Sheikh Rajakbhai Umarbhai Virpur

16 Sheikh Yusufbhai Ahmedbhai Virpur

17 Sheikh Tejobanu Yusufbhai Virpur

18 Daughter of Sheikh Yusufbhai Ahmedbhai Virpur

19 Daughter of Sheikh Yusufbhai Ahmedbhai Virpur

20 Daughter of Sheikh Yusufbhai Ahmedbhai Virpur

21 Sheikh Jakirbhai Dashodbhai Virpur

22 Sheikh Mustakbhai Fakir Mohammed Virpur

23 Sheikh Javedbhai Mustakbhai Virpur

24 Bakrawala Mo. Yusuf A. Salam Rath (ta. Kadana)

25 Kabri Md. Shafi Gulamnabi Rath (ta. Kadana)

26 Muthiya A. Vahid Mo. Iyas Rath (ta. Kadana)

27 Patel Mo. Hanif A. Masjid Bhandara (Fatepura)




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