March-April  2002 

Pamphlet Poison

One would imagine that in Gujarat, a state that is chronically starved of water, a state moreover that has been lashed by a devastating cyclone and ravaged by an earthquake in recent years, human compassion, would be the dominant human sentiment. Sadly, there’s an abundance of hate. Since 1998, when the year the BJP rose to power in the land of Gandhi, the apostle of peace, when not engaged in practicing hate, the cadre of the sangh parivar are fully occupied in preaching it. When not busy burning the Bible, or a yet-to-be-born child sliced out of a mother’s womb only to be consigned to flame, they distribute pamphlets, printed in lakhs, and intended to poison minds.

On more than one occasion in the last four years, CC has translated these originals in Gujarati into English to draw our readers attention towards this insidious design to keep sentiments perennially inflamed. We had published them in the hope that bringing this hate writing to wider public attention will shame the police and the government of Gujarat into putting a check on this constant flow of venom and in prosecuting its authors, publishers and printers under sections 153(A) and 153(B). While that did not happen, the motives of the masterminds behind this filth were met. Hate writing got translated into venomous, murderous action.

The past few weeks have seen Gujarat inundated with a fresh flood of hate literature, urging Hindus to think of nothing but murder and mayhem. Since March 1, CC has received no less than 15 such pamphlets. The least objectionable among them implore you to stick to a strict economic boycott of Muslims. Others instigate you to violence against India’s religious minorities. Some are obnoxious in the extreme. We reproduce some here to share with our readers the depth that hate-bidden ideologies go to. Read together (translated from the original Gujarati into English), they reveal their common source.

We sincerely apologise to all Muslims, and to every one of our readers for reproducing the leaflet below titled ‘Jehad’. We do so with pain. We are however concerned that the mindset that can produce filth such as this must be brought into public view. Read carefully, there is a direct link between the filth dished out in print and the dehumanising actions of the armed militias of the sangh parivar, as we remember both Naroda Patiya and Bhavnagar. It is also about time that the chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, and the poet Prime Minister of India, Atal Behari Vajpayee face up squarely to the kind of company they keep. — Editors.


This is to inform all the traders of the C.G. Road Shop Owners’ Association that today, i.e., 4-4-2002 office bearers of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the office bearers of the Bajrang Dal Mr. Chinubhai Patel and Harishbhai Bhatt with their members met us personally. During the visit, the current Gujarat situation was discussed. Since the visit was unexpected we listened patiently to the officers of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the Bajrang Dal. After the discussions and before taking any decisions, we planned to hold a meeting with you. The meeting will be attended by the important traders of C.G. Road and the officers of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the Bajrang Dal.

We hope that we will all combine our efforts and take an appropriate decision.

Place of meeting

Place : Hotel Nalanda, Mithakhali Chha (six) Roads

Time : 04.31 P.M. Date : 06-04-2002 (Saturday)

Your Well-wishers, For C.G. Road Shop Owners’ Association,

Pamphlet Sample 1:

(Reproduced below is the English translation of one of the VHP pamphlets)


Your life is in danger — you might be killed any time!

Lord Shree Krishna told Arjun: ‘Lift your weapons and kill the non-religious.’

The lord wants to tell us something also...

Dearest soul brothers,

Namaste! I have come to meet you in solitude. I want to talk to you about something very important and serious. I expect that you will never forget this meeting. You are a very important and responsible person of this country and your life is valuable. There is a great danger to your life and that of your family. I have to come to warn you.

In the secure and safe Hindu localities in spite of security guards outside how safe are you in your bungalows? The traitorous, terrorist Muslims will come in truckloads, kill the guards and then enter the bungalows. They will kill you in your bedrooms and drawing rooms. Today lakhs of Hindus are afraid of this happening and those living in mohallas stay up all night in groups to guard us. How many people can the army and the police protect at a time?

I am not talking about thousands of years ago — just 53 years. In 1947, first in Sindh province, then in Punjab and Bengal, they attacked Hindu bungalows and killed about 15 lakh Hindus cruelly and without any pity. This is a historic fact and it can be repeated today. Then how safe are you and I in our own homes?

In 1947, the Muslims living in this country of Hindus said that Hindus and Muslims are different nationalities, different people. Their religions are different, their culture is different, they have different places of worship and pilgrimage, tradition, language, dress, festivals, diet, beliefs, etc. So we will not be able to live with you in one country, so cut up the country and give us Muslims a separate Islamic nation and we gave them a Muslim country, Pakistan.

In 1915, Mahatma Gandhi returned to India from South Africa. The whole country accepted his leadership. This man of international stature and the Congress tried very hard to unite the Hindus and the Muslims. What was the result of their efforts? Did the Hindus and Muslims unite? Certainly not! The Muslims responded by demanding a separate country and broke up India. Pakistan is a monster born out of the efforts of Gandhiji to unite Hindus and Muslims.

If a world leader like Gandhiji could not unite Hindus and Muslims then what can today’s politicians do? Those who talk about Hindu-Muslim unity are deceiving themselves and are misguiding crores of Hindus. There is no similarity between Hindus and Muslims and they do not think of India as their country. It is not possible to unite with those who call India a witch and oppose Vande Matram. Hindu-Muslim unity and brotherhood are deceptions, hallucinations and this can be proved by the Muslim history of the last 1,400 years.

In 1947, the Muslims snatched away all of Sindh and half of Bengal to create Pakistan, a Muslim country. 20% Muslims took away 30% of the land, and chased out of the country 2 crore Hindus who owned about Rs. 80,000 crores of assets and business empty-handed.

At the time of partition, in towns like Lahore, Islamabad, Dhaka, Peshawar, Hyderabad and Karachi, they went around shouting ‘Allah-o-Akbar!’, ‘Pakistan Zindabad!’ and ‘Kill the non-believers!’ while carrying sticks, swords, knives and lighted torches, raped lakhs of our Hindu mothers, sisters and daughters and then killed them. To preserve their virginity many women jumped into wells or into fires. About 15 lakh Hindus were killed cruelly and Hindus were wiped out in their own country. The land turned red with the blood of Hindus and rivers of blood were flowing.

How many Hindus know that one-third of our land was taken away to create Pakistan? How many know that 15 lakh of our predecessors were killed? If a nation forgets its history it is doomed to live it again. ‘History repeats itself.’

After breaking up the nation and creating Pakistan, the Muslim population in the country has again reached 16 crores. They do not believe in family planning. They are permitted to have four wives by the Congress and the constitution. Their population is exploding and this is their one-point program. The day their number reaches 25% to 30%, the condition of the Hindus is going to be very bad.

In Pakistan the status of the Hindus is not just second class — they are slaves there and that is going to happen to the Hindus in India. They will use their numbers and their weapons to create several Pakistans in India, proclaim India as a Muslim nation and hoist the green flag of Islam on Red Fort.

Laden alone gave America a taste of terrorism killing almost 5,000 Americans. All the Americans as well as the opposition supported Bush, while the politicians in the opposition in India are opposing POTO in the hopes of Muslim votes. From a distance of 8,000 miles, America attacked Afghanistan and killed 10,000 Afghan Muslims while India is fighting Muslim terrorism and harassment for the last 1,300 years.

America found Laden alone too much whereas we have in our lanes and by-lanes thousands of Ladens, Dawoods, Latifs, Imam Bukharis, Syed Shahabuddins and two lakh mullah-maulvis who poison one lakh madrassas and mosques day and night with terrorist activities. Organisations like SIMI, Lashkar-e-toiba and ISI, with the support and help of Pakistan, are carrying on terrorist activities. They train lakhs of terrorists in thousands of institutions. They have formed an army of single, unemployed Muslim youth of India by paying high salaries.

The terrorist and traitorous Muslims of this country get weapons from more than 50 Muslim nations to carry out their religious wars. They are supplied with AK-56 and AK-47 rifles, automatic machine guns, small canons, rocket launchers and several kilos of RDX.

The entire country is sitting on a heap of weapons and heading towards civil war and internal strife. When Pakistan attacks India the Muslims living here will revolt. In 1947, they only had sticks, swords and spears but now they have modern weapons. They are plotting to kill crores of Hindus and we will be fighting these traitorous Muslims in every lane and by-lane of the country. If the Parliament and the Kashmir assembly can be attacked then what safety is there for the citizens of the country?

When the National Human Rights Commission’s chairman, Justice Mr. Verma saw the melted window bars of the coach in which the kar sevaks returning from Ayodhya were burned alive, he wondered what the condition of the people inside must have been. The women and children clung to each other to save their lives and they must have cried piteously in the flaming coach. About 58 kar sevaks were burned in this land of Hindus.

One can understand if Muslims oppose construction of temples in Pakistan but how can one tolerate their opposition to the construction of Ram temple in Ram’s own country? Do Hindus have to live at the mercy of Muslims in India also? Are Hindus still slaves of Muslims?

The Godhra incident is just one symptom of the cancer in this country. This cancer of terrorism has spread to the entire country. Godhra is only the trailer — the entire film is still to be seen. There is a plan to have several Godhra incidents.

To understand Muslims one must understand Islam. You will not understand it with just one or two instances — you will have to go deeper, to the roots. You will have to understand their history of the last 1,400 years. After the birth of Islam, in the last 1,400 years, the bigoted Arabs descended with a sword in one hand and the Quran in the other. They had only one condition — either accept Islam or die! About 10 crore people who did not accept Islam were killed and the inherent culture of the country was wiped out. They were proclaimed Islamic countries and the flag of Islam was hoisted there.

In our country, Aurangzeb, Babar, Humayun, Akbar, Chengiz Khan, Mohammed Gazni, Mohammed Ghori, Shahjahan and other rabid, murderous and dictatorial Muslim invaders and emperors ruled over us and enslaved us. In the last thousand years of Muslim rule in India, two crore Hindus were murdered by the Muslims who fought 10,000 battles and caused communal riots against Hindus. They killed two lakh sadhus and sants. They pulled down five lakh Hindu temples like those of Shree Ramjanmabhoomi, Ayodhya, Shree Krishnajanmabhoomi, Mathura, Shree Kashivishwanath, Benares and Shree Bhagwan Somnath, Gujarat, and built mosques in their place. Crores of cows were slaughtered and lakhs of Hindu mothers, daughters and sisters were abused and raped. If we forget all this then even god will not be able to save us.

It is written in the holy book of Islam, the Quran, that those who are not Muslims, i.e., Parsis, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and people of other religions of the world are kafirs (non-believers). Those who accept Islam should not be harmed but those who do not should be killed and slaughtered. If you kill such people you will get the title of gazi and if you die fighting them, you will be called shaheed. All gazis and shaheeds will be taken by God to the seventh heaven and will be supplied with alcohol and fairies. This is their idea of heaven: alcohol and perversions.

The Quran exhorts all Muslims that if they are living in non-Islamic countries (Dar-ul-harab), they should fight religious crusades and make them Islamic countries (Dar-ul-Islam). "Fight the non-believers till the last drop of your blood because religious crusades are a Muslim’s duty and their dream should be to establish Islam as the only religion worldwide flying the flag of Islam in all countries."

In the 1,400 year history of Islam, the behavior, thinking and language of Muslims has shown to all the people of the world that they have blind faith and are backward, violent, vicious, atrocious, unforgiving, uncompromising (inflexible), bigoted, vindictive and filled with hate. This is the real and naked face of Islam and the Muslims have been fighting Jews, Hindus, Parsis and the English for years.

As long as there is Islam in this world, there will be crusades — which means wars and killings, atrocities and genocide. Islam is not a religion, culture, tradition or a spiritual movement. There is no truth, non-violence, humanity, pity or love in Islam. It only preaches violence and atrocities. It is the plot of Arab Muslims to force itself on all the peoples of the world. To think of or call Islam as a religion is folly, a denial of facts. If you want to live then you have to assess their acts during 1,400 years of their history.

Hindus have now woken up, they are now one big family of crores of Hindus. Crores of Hindu hands have risen to combat the atrocities that the Muslims have handed down to us. The Hindu is not to be pitied any more or to be beaten up. If even one Hindu is bullied, crores of Hindus will react. They will come out and demand an eye for an eye. If we are attacked we will attack right back. The Iron Man, Sardar Patel, removed the mosque and graves built by Mohammed Ghazni after demolishing the Somnath temple and built a grand temple, which does the nation proud. In spite of Congressman Nehru’s opposition, the then president, Rajendrababu, attended the ceremony for the construction of Somnath temple and gave it his full support. If Sardar Patel were alive he would erase the signs of slavery and build grand temples in Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi. We must resolve to build these grand temples to make the wishes of crores of Hindus come true.

Even animals live for their young ones — we are born in India and it is our duty and responsibility to defend the country and religion and repay our debts to our motherland. If you want to live in peace and honour, unite! Every Muslim, no matter how poor, gives 5% of his earnings to the mosque for his religion. Hindu businessmen (industrialists) are kidnapped by Muslims, who demand lakhs and crores of rupees and many of us pay up the ransom out of fear. This money is used to buy weapons with which to kill Hindus. Every year, several Hindu girls are kidnapped by Muslim hoodlums and are married to them forcibly.

To solve these Islamic problems, each Hindu family will have to make sacrifices. A fixed part of his income will have to be given to Hindu groups — not just within your means but much more than that. We will not be able to survive if we do not unite. Only talking or wishing well or blessing will not be enough. Join up and give monetary donations. To give monetary help to Hindu groups is not donation or pity — it is an investment for our safety and security. Think only of the country and not of political party philosophies or traditional beliefs. Hindus will demand explanations from those who favour Muslims for political expediency. The Jaichands and Amichands will not be spared by Hindus.

Vishwa Hindu Parishad is the generally accepted powerful group of Hindus worldwide including those in our country. About 250 workers in Gujarat have left their jobs and businesses to work full time for it and it has a presence in 7,000 villages. They run 350 one-teacher schools in forest areas besides hospitals, dispensaries, refugee homes, ashram schools and thousands of centres for satsang. There are rifle-training camps and the Bajrang Dal workers are given trishuls and taught to use them.

The Vishwa Hindu Parishad is protecting and uniting the Hindus in an untiring effort to make the country strong and safe. We expect a lot of monetary support. After the Godhra killings, many young men who tried to protect Hindus were killed and others were jailed under clauses 302, 307 and the Riot Act, and this is still going on. Their number is in thousands and they will stay in jail for a long time to come. They had no personal enmity towards the Muslims — they have suffered for society, religion and the country and now that they are in prison, it is our (yours and mine) duty to feed their families.

It is not enough just to show lip sympathy — you will have to come forward to support them and do our duty otherwise our (yours and mine) conscience will not forgive us, nor will society. When Mohammed Ghazni attacked Somnath temple, the 10,000 Brahmins inside were saying their rosaries. Mohammed Ghazni slaughtered them and destroyed the idols — he did this 17 times and killed lakhs of Hindus. The Muslims could enslave us for 1,000 years because we were not united. In 1947, when the country was partitioned, Pakistan was formed and lakhs of Hindus were killed. In Kashmir, since the last 10 years, lakhs of Hindu pandits have been killed and forced to leave and if we still do not come to our senses, even god will not be able to save us. Hindus have no option but to unite—otherwise they will not survive and we will be killed in broad daylight.

I repeat my question — what sacrifice are you willing to make individually? Become a member of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and donate. Otherwise for a small section of society, the people will be tired of making sacrifices. We require strong support from you. Write a check in the name of Vishwa Hindu Parishad Gujarat right now, otherwise it might be too late. The Parishad is registered with income tax and charity commissioners so you can get 50% deduction under 80G. Vishwa Hindu Parishad is the group of crores of Hindu families. It is the security force for our safety, protection and tradition. Only a united Hindu society can bring peace to the nation and the world. Hinduism is patriotism and Hinduism is universal brotherhood. Proclaim with pride, ‘We are Hindus!’

Send this letter to your neighbors, relatives, friends and traders and become a member of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad. Come to the Parishad office and meet us personally. Please reply to this letter.

I am writing this historic letter to you. I am making you aware of what is happening in the country after analysing history and assessing historic truth as well as the current situation, and warning you. Every time you read this letter, you will discover something new — a new aspect. I have come to make you sleepless. I hope that your mind, senses and conscience will accept this truth. The country that learns its lessons from history and plans its future accordingly always survives, while others are destroyed — etch this truth in your heart.

The life subscription for the Parishad is Rs. 2,000. The life subscription for Vishwa Hindu Samachar is Rs. 600. Donate Rs. 15,000 (rupees fifteen thousand) for each family of those arrested.

Give the traitorous Muslims a taste of patriotism by boycotting them socially and economically.

The Hindu who sees god in every particle worships truth, non-violence, love and peace. Without complete peace, the economic, social and spiritual progress of the country will end, people will fall prey to mental illnesses and the entire country will be pushed towards death.

Peace cannot be attained by begging: crores of united and powerful Hindus will be able to establish peace and security in the country.

Yours truly,

Your well-wisher

Chinubhai N. Patel

Vishwa Hindu Parishad state leader

Vishwa Hindu Parishad Office

Vanikar Smarak Bhavan, 11, Mahalakshmi Society

Mahalakshmi Cross Roads, Paldi, Karnavati.

Tel. 6604015, 6631365 Tel. (res.) 7454699

Pamphlet Sample 2:


Anti-national elements that are using the money they earn with our cooperation to weaken us. They buy arms and molest our sisters and daughters. The answer to these elements lies in financial non-cooperation movement.


The time has come for the Hindu religion, which has been enslaved in spite of living in Hindustan. To date, all the governments have been supporting Muslims. These Muslims do not know that Hindu society has woken up and is in the process of sending all Muslims to Pakistan. Those Muslims who are against Hindus are all terrorists. Their chief bootlegger is Delhi’s Shahi Imam Bukhari who is the main terrorist. Those Muslims who think VHP and Bajrang Dal are like mushrooms (cat’s cap) should know that your Bukhari or Dawood Ibrahim or the Muslims of Pakistan or Bharat could never compare with Pravin Togadia or Bal Thackeray. All of you are like ants and insects in front of these two. The violence that erupted after the killings in Godhra is a warning to you Muslims that there is still time for you to go to Pakistan if you want to.

We do not want to leave a single Muslim alive in Gujarat. The people of villages as well as cities have now woken up and they are ready to take an eye for an eye {respond to stones with bricks}. To avenge murder {revenge for blood with blood} we will kill Muslims wherever we see them. Annihilate Muslims from Bharat. Muslims do not know that they are not fanatical Muslims. When there were kings, the Muslim kings forced our Hindu brethren to convert and then committed atrocities against them.

And this will continue to happen till Muslims are not exterminated. Therefore, it is necessary for our Hindu brethren to come forward. After the Godhra killings, only 10 per cent of Hindus have been enraged. Muslims should realise that only 10 per cent of Hindus have called for their annihilation. If the remaining 90 per cent also call for their annihilation then the name Muslim will not survive in Gujarat and the time has come to call for the annihilation of all Muslims. In many villages this has already been done. Now the Hindus of the villages should join the Hindus of the cities and complete the work of annihilation of Muslims. The Muslims who consider the architect of Bharat, Baba Ambedkar, to be an untouchable, do not know that they are not even fit to be his footwear.

If Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel had been the Prime Minister of India then not a single Muslim would have been in India. So, let all Hindu brethren know that the time has come to eradicate the Muslim word from Gujarat. All Hindu brethren are requested to be ready to destroy Muslims without being afraid of any politician. Temples are searched to catch kar sevaks then why cannot the madrassas and mosques be searched for the arms of Muslims? People of villages and cities get ready and celebrate next Holi with the corpses of Muslims.

Let the supreme court say what it wants to

The temple will be constructed at that spot

Long live Hindu nation!

— Hindu Sevak

The only solution is financial boycott. Anti-national elements that are using the money they earn with our cooperation to weaken us. They buy arms and molest our sisters and daughters. The answer to these elements lies in

Financial Non-Cooperation Movement

Come! Let us resolve:

(1) I will not buy any thing from any Muslim shopkeeper.

(2) I will not sell my goods to these elements.

(3) Neither use these traitors’ hotels or their garages.

(4) I will give my car to Hindus’ garages only. From a needle to gold, do not buy anything made by a Muslim nor sell anything made by us to them.

(5) Boycott movies casting Muslim heroes-heroines. Banish films of traitorous producers.

(6) Never work in Muslims’ offices and do not employ Muslims.

Such a stringent economic boycott will suffocate those elements and break their backs. Then it will be difficult for them to live in any corner of the country. Friends, start this boycott from today so that no Muslim will have the guts to lift his head before us and live. Have you read this newsletter? Then make 10 copies and distribute it amongst our brethren. He who does not follow this newsletter and does not distribute it to others—may he be cursed by Hanuman and Ramchandra. Jai Shree Ram!

— A true Hindu patriot

Pamphlet Sample 3:

Wake up…. Get up…. Be united.....

Reply to bricks with stones

Today the minority community is trying to crush the majority community. The Muslims should be ashamed that even after 50 years of independence they have not become Hindustanis, but they have no idea of the strength of the majority community. Muslims are traitors as compared to Hindus — the Godhra killings and the razing of the Sindhi market have proved this. Till now, Muslims were showing their treachery only in Kashmir, then they extended their activities to the Parliament in Delhi and now they have made a great blunder by challenging Gujarat. Now the Muslims cannot be protected from the Hindus by either the police or the army — or the vote-seekers or the political parties who pamper them.

When India got her independence, there were 3 crores (30 million) Muslims in India. Now on the 50th anniversary, there are 35 crores (350 million). Understand… be warned… in five to ten years they will be as many as us. Nobody is preparing a cricket team here; an army is being prepared by Pakistan.

Police and army you also beware, you are also Hindus. You can also be attacked. You should also support Hindus. We Hindus support the police and the army fully.

My Hindu brethren, unite and form a Free Indian Army just like the one during the struggle for independence. Annihilate the enemy and lighten the burden of sin, which the country is carrying.

From Vatva to Naroda, Bapunagar to Kalupur,

On 29th March there will be a call, take Ram’s name and attack,

We will kill Muslims the way we destroyed Babri,

We will burn Jamalpur and empty Dariyapur,

Whether it is an old chawl or miyas (Muslim), we will

not leave you,

We Hindustanis swear we will seek you out and kill you,

This is the tradition of Raghukul and we never foreswear,

Let Sonia have dogs like Farroukh Shaikh or Haji Bilal,

We will treat them like Aisan Jaffery,

Muslims have darkened the skies with the smoke from burned shops,

We will cut them and their blood will flow like rivers.

Free Indian Army is the union of Hinduism. Thousands of our brethren have joined it.

You also join and give your support to save Hindustan.

Thanks to Narendra Modi. We salute you! After Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, a hero is born!

Gujarat is proud and the glory of India is in your hands.

Every Hindu is requested not to stone the police or army. They are our brothers.

-- An Indian

(Received by CC on March 28, 2002)

Pamphlet Sample 4:

Service                         Security                     Culture

Specially for Hindu Youth

Let Bajrang Dal ready its crossbow 
War is the only Salvation

50 years after independence it appears that Hindus are second citizens of this country. Religious conversions, infiltration, terrorism and bomb blasts have surrounded Hindustan. On the ostentatious stage of democracy, in films and in TV serials, Hindu philosophy and Hindu gods and goddesses are continuously being insulted. Not only in Kashmir, but all over Hindustan, it appears as if the Hindu is an outsider.

At present Hindustan is caught....

Ø 1 lakh Christian missionaries bring in crores of rupees from abroad and carry out conversions.

Ø The forefathers of 95% Christians and 90% Muslims were Hindus... because of conversions the Hindus are decreasing in number.

Ø Because of conversions the Hindus of the border zillas are becoming minorities.

Ø Instead of 3,000 there are 35,000 slaughter houses in India. More than 50,000 cattle are being slaughtered every day.

Ø From the country of Buddha and Mahavir, flesh is being exported instead of non-violence.

All over the country, you see anarchy and aimlessness because Hindu, Hindu culture, Hinduism and Hindu religion are being continuously eroded.

Islamic jehad, of which the world is fed up, has also targetted Hindustan.

Ø Whenever Pakistan has lost a war it has started a proxy war with I.S.I. (its secret agency).

Ø "Jehad" is being carried out in order to establish an Islamic state in Hindustan.

Ø Fanatic organisations like Jamaat-e-islam, Tabligh movement, Student Islamic Movement of India (SIMI), and Ahl-e-hadis under the guidance of I.S.I., are carrying out anti-Hindu, anti-national activities on a war footing.

Ø Because of Islamic jehad, there isn’t a single Hindu surviving in Kashmir.

Ø Because of the I.S.I., during the last several years....

29151 citizens have been killed

5101 security officers have been killed

61900 automatics have been found

51810 kgs. of explosives have been found

Ø There is a scheme of getting Hindu youth of Hindustan habituated to addictive substances.

Ø Counterfeit currency notes of Rs. 100 and Rs. 500 are brought into the country to destroy the economy of Hindustan.

Ø There is a scheme, openly carried out, to trap thousands of Hindu girls and put them in harems.

Ø Fanatical communal training is being given in nearly 80,000 madrassas against Hindus.

Ø Graves and dargahs are mushrooming on stations, dams, bridges and government land as well as in all important places.

Ø Nearly 300 Hindu temples have been pulled down even after independence.

Ø Most of the zillas near the border are without Hindus

Islamic jehad means annihilation of all Hindus

Islamic jehad means pulling down all Hindu temples

Islamic jehad means destroying Hindu religion

Islamic jehad means dividing Hindustan

Islamic jehad means destroying Hindu culture

Every young man must join Bajrang Dal today because....

Ø In Hindu Hindustan the largest group of Hindu youth with lakhs of members is Bajrang Dal.

Ø It is Bajrang Dal’s aim that Hinduism, Hindu religion and Hindustan can be victorious in protecting itself by fighting till mother Bharat is pleased.

Ø Bajrang Dal is the strength of the Hindus today. Since 1984, Bajrang Dal has been fighting on various fronts.

Ø Bajrang Dal saved more than one and a half lakh cows from the slaughter houses by celebrating cow protection year.

Ø Over the short period of eight months, Bajrang Dal has courageously saved more than 100 Hindu girls from the irreligious.

Ø In Gujarat’s 3321 villages, Bajrang Dal is busily carrying on the good work of service, protection and unity.

Ø Make an army of 20 young persons in every village.

Ø Give physical training to the youth for self protection and protection of Hindus.

Ø Run playgrounds, gyms. or exercise schools.

Ø Once a week, either on Tuesdays or Saturdays, arrange (offerings) to Hanuman or group worship.

Ø Hanuman Jayanti Ø Valmiki Jayanti

Ø Martyr’s Day on 2 November

Ø 14 August All India Memorial Day

Ø 6th December National Glory Day

Hindu youth....

Reply in the same language that is used for jehad.

— the arms that have risen for jehad should become servile

— do unto others as they do unto you....Hindus should become one.

Reply to jehad with "crusades". For this, the young of every village will have to join Bajrang Dal. Arrange to donate trishuls in every village. Arrange seminars and public meetings explaining the terror of jehad.

Bajrang Dal is Hindu strength

Every youth should join Bajrang Dal immediately

Carry the trishul.

Pamphlet Sample 5:

(We sincerely apologise to all Muslims, and to every one of our readers for reproducing the leaflet below titled ‘Jehad’. We do so with pain. We are however concerned that the mindset that can produce filth such as this must be brought into public view — Editors).


The people of Baroda and Ahmedabad have gone berserk

Narendra Modi you have fucked the mother of miyas

The volcano which was inactive for years has erupted

It has burnt the arse of miyas and made them dance nude

We have untied the penises which were tied till now

Without castor oil in the arse we have made them cry

Those who call religious war, violence, are all fuckers

We have widened the tight vaginas of the "bibis"

Now even the adivasis have realised what Hinduism is

They have shot their arrow in the arse of mullahs

Wake up Hindus there are still miyas left alive around you

Learn from Panvad village where their mother was fucked

She was fucked standing while she kept shouting

She enjoyed the uncircumcised penis

With a Hindu government the Hindus have the power to annihilate miyas

Kick them in the arse to drive them out of not only villages and cities but also the country

Let the fuckers know that

The fucking of fuckers will not work.


Pamphlet Sample 5:


(1) Go to the temple twice a day in the morning and evening

(2) Keep yourself ready to respond to your leader when he needs your help

(3) When the army marches past set off fire crackers

(4) Dress in khaki pant white shirt and cap and tie a string on your hand (wrist?)

(5) During meetings and various assemblies move around to help each other

(6) If they dare get ready and shout

(7) After every meeting shout shlokas at least three times

(8) Hold one meeting per week

(9) When fighting the Muslims change the appearance of your neighbourhood so you are not recognised

(10) Don’t mount a frontal attack—attack from the back

(11) Fight more at night-time

(12) Try to live close to Muslims

(13) Don’t give the police a chance to catch you with weapons

(14) When you work for the Muslims don’t accept labour compensation

(15) If it is time for wages then collect people around you on the pretext of searching

(16) If you purchase anything from a Muslim shop pay only the cost price, not the profit

(17) Don’t give correct testimony to the police

(18) Guard your temple

(19) If you get any information let your leader know in writing immediately

(20) Every member should be trained to fight against ten people at a time

(21) During a battle use any weapon to fight

(22) When you do — (?) in Muslim houses have irregular relations with Muslim women so that you have the opportunity to increase Hindu population

(23) Deform new-born babies of Muslims

This was the nation of heroes, now it is filled with frightened people

They escape from our control and the poor innocent is sacrificed

If the Hindu youth is angered there will be a rain of shoes on their heads

Hindu wake up now and chase away the Muslims

Do you know that...................?

Ø The terrorist activities all over India are conducted from a madrassa in Akwada, Bhavnagar called Dar-ul-ulum, from where recently 12 truckloads of weapons have been found and the CBI has come from Delhi to investigate this

Ø All No. two business such as spare parts, oil, grease, bogus billing, scrap, money laundering, smuggling, kidnapping etc. is done only by Muslims. They do not pay any taxes and live at our expense in our country and with our money in style and arrogance

Ø They who used to buy goods from Hindus now prefer to buy from other Muslims even if it is expensive while the Hindu customer will buy from a Muslim for a small advantage

Ø At the time of independence the population of Hindus was 30% which has now gone down to 9% while the Muslim population has increased from 7 crores to 30 crores (an increase from 7% to 32%)

Ø From small villages to big cities all the mosques have been painted at the cost of several crores of rupees

Ø In all the madrassas the children are taught to be fanatical Muslims

Ø Most of the politicians in the country are not concerned with the welfare of the Hindus. They are only interested in corruption and robbing the nation to fill their pockets; and play the politics of vote banks by favouring Muslims at the expense of Hindus

Ø Each Haj traveller is given Rs. 22,500 to go for Haj while Hindus get nothing

The best solution to the burning questions above is this

Ø Attack the Dar-ul-ulum madrassa in Akwada and destroy it

Ø If you have any information about the No. 2 activities, immediately inform the sales tax, income tax, custom excise or collector’s office or the nearest police station and get the goods confiscated

Ø Deal only with Hindus whether it is a little cheaper or more expensive. Support only the Hindus in business and boycott the Muslims economically

Ø Tell the children about the great people of our culture and create in them a sense of courage, heroism and enthusiasm; teach him to be a fanatical Hindu from childhood

Ø Oppose the subsidy given to Haj pilgrims and demand that it be stopped

Ask all politicians only what they are doing for Hindus. If he associates with Muslims boycott him and teach him a lesson. Explain calmly to those Hindu traders who maintain close relationships with Muslims in the hope of cheap goods that this is wrong—then warn them and if they still don’t listen, cause them as much economic damage as possible


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