11th Anniversary
Year 11    No.100


In an open letter to the RSS, parliamentarian RK Anand asks them to refute his charges that the RSS was
 implicated in Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination, that the RSS is a political, not a cultural, organisation which
along with the Hindu Mahasabha staunchly opposed the Quit India movement and whose activists have
been indicted by several commissions of inquiry for their role in communal riots

-- Editorial: Calling the Bully's bluff

-- RSS is banned: Government communiqué,February 4, 1948

-- Sardar’s tight leash on Sangh chief, Guru Golwalkar

-- ‘Godse’s intention was good’: Rajju Bhaiya

-- Murder of the greatest Hindu

-- Resurrecting Godse: The Hindutva continuum

-- Gopal Godse: ‘Nathuram did not leave the RSS’

-- At last they got him, after five unsuccessful attempts

-- Fascist lineage: Mussolini inspires Moonje, Hitler Golwalkar’s Guru

-- The RSS and the Freedom Struggle

-- ‘Teach them a lesson’

-- The Sangh’s bloody trail

-Hubli hungama, Hindutva’s hypocrisy

-- Blood for blood: An extract from Tamas

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