July  2004 
Year 10    No.99

Talaq Talaq Talaq


Cover Story

-- Talaq Talaq Talaq
While the ulema are still dragging their feet, Muslim women
victims have succeeded in getting high courts and the Supreme Court to declare instant divorce as unlawful.

-- ‘We need to carry the ulema with us’

-- Reform! reform! reform!

-- ‘No faith in the Muslim Personal Law Board’

-- ‘Triple talaq has no place in the Koran’

-- Reform! reform! reform!

-- ‘All unjust personal laws must go’

-- ‘A Muslim cannot divorce his wife at his whims’

-- Violence against women, only thing secular’

-- Triple talaq: counter–perspective

-- Laws relating to divorce in Muslim majority countries

-- ‘Us’ or ‘the enemy’

Coincidence or ominous?


Special Report
Face the facts
Secular India has not given Muslims a fair deal

-- ‘Article 16(4) was orginally meant for minorities’

-- ‘Muslim leaders don’t think, are ill-informed’

-- ‘Christians will support under-represented Muslims’

-- ‘Stop pandering to the elite Mussalmaan’

-- Pages from our past

-- Pre-natal history of Article 16



Terrorising the innocent
Extracts from a report of The People’s Tribunal on
POTA and Other Security Legislation, Delhi, March 2004


Dalit Drishti

Dalits denied right to temple ceremony

Volte-face by NCERT?


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