June  2004 
Year 10    No.98

Good news from Gujarat


Cover Story

-- Good news from Gujarat

-- A police officer to be proud of

-- ‘We have grown up together...’

-- An RSS man who rescued Muslims

-- His Hindu students were his first concern

-- His compassion fetches him a rich poll  harvest

-- True to his Hippocratic oath

-- Vaishnav jan to tene kahiye, dard paraya...'

-- Human compassion above everything else

-- May his tradition live on forever!

-- A brave officer the Muslims could trust

-- Braving the mobs, he rescued many lives

-- Shining example of mutual co-existence

-- Facing fanatics’ wrath for saving Muslim lives

-- Risking his life to rescue others

-- Punished for preventing violence

-- Sticking his neck out for a friend among ‘enemies’

-- Facing boycott for saving Muslim lives

-- Treading novel ground

Polls 2004: A welcome breather


-- Gujarat: The struggle Ahead

-- Oust Pandey from CBI: Petition



Special Report
Kashmir: The Politics of Fear





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