January  2005 
Year 11    No.104

Prejudice in paradise


Cover Story

-- Prejudice in paradise
Distorted histories and divisive myths have made the Kashmir
conflict messier, murkier, etching deep divides in a land that o
nce boasted a rich and unique tradition of syncretism

-- My hometown


Special Report
Tsunami and shame

Numbed by monumental tragedy Dalit victims of the tsunami are deprived of proper relief and rehabilitation


Right approach

in Kerala display a modern and well rounded
approach to learning

Law: Judicial Delays
Justice delayed, justice denied


Law: Witness Protection
Subverting the system

Gender Justice
Unequal reform

Breaking Barriers
Celebrating syncretism


Dalit Drishti
SC/ST quota in pvt sector: India Inc. responds


Of human compassion


Silencing dissent


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