April-May  2005 
Year 11    No.107

Cover Story

-- Islam, Reform
Through unscrupulous acts of mass
terror, Muslim extremism has
inadvertently raised a clamour for  democracy, human rights  and gender justice among co-religionist and sown
the seeds of its own destruction

-- Fatwa against Osama
-- Where is the jihad against the tsunamis?
-- ‘Fanaticism: root of Muslim backwardness’
-- ‘No, we don’t have more important issues’
-- A prayer toward equality
-- Canadian Muslim group backs same–sex marriage


-- Beginning of something

Breaking Barriers
Building bridges
A report on the novel ‘Connecting Communities’ project to bridge communal divides in the Mahim, Mumbai

-- What we learnt from this process

-- Testimonies of dialogue participants


Restoring democracy in Nepal
Report of a fact–finding team set up by the South
Asians for Human Rights


Anti–Christian attacks on the rise

Sin of silence – Dilemma for civil society activists

Readers’ Forum
Muslim Personal Law Board: See the light
-- Model Nikaahnama: Cosmetic reforms


Good Muslims, Bad Muslims: Seminal work

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