13 Anniversary
Year 12    No.117








Cover Story
Living with terror
Life in Mumbai after the multiple train
blasts on July 11, 2006


--  No peace without justice
 -- New laws, old offences
--  Fatwas against terror
-- Why has there been no fatwa against bin Laden?
-- Words the world waits to hear
-- Terrorism is not a Muslim monopoly
-- ‘If they do it it’s terrorism, if we do it, it’s fighting for freedom’




Fractured city



Freedom to believe



Where do we go from here?


Dalit Drishti

Unfulfilled promise

 A question of merit



War on terror
Empire and Israel

America and its allies together embody the
very definition of tyranny


--  Who started it?

--  Peace by other means

--  From mania to depression

--  The cost of conflict

--  Across the border

--  Reporting crime

--  The great equaliser

--  ‘We don’t do body counts’

--  ‘We are the hope’



Media pundits


Human Rights

Knowledge, transparency, accountability


Readers Forum

Misunderstanding Islam

Letting off steam


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