June 2006 
Year 12    No.116








Politics of Faith


Cover Story

Politics of faith
Jamiat cries foul

-- ‘I see the forums that are emerging as bargaining forums, nothing more’ - Mohd Salim

--  ‘What is needed is not a Muslim party but a party that is sensitive to Muslim concerns’ - Salman Khursheed

-- ‘The future lies in strengthening secular parties’
- Mushirul Hasan

--  ‘Muslims are being taken for granted by secular parties’
-Qasim Rasool

--  'Bukhari appealed to Muslims to vote for BJP in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections' - Kamal Farooqui

-- ‘A negative and unfortunate development’ - Nishat Hussain

-- ‘Very little percolates into any change on the ground’
- D. Sharifa Khanam

-- ‘Emulate the example of the Muslim Munnetra Kazhagam’ - Prof MH Jawahirullah





Bad mullahs, good mullahs


Special Report

Without Reservations

Meeting the challenge of Mandal II

All things being equal

Slow motion



Rules of anarchy



Close Encounters

The true culprits

Two sides of the same coin


Perceived fears



No room for dissent


Civil Liberties

Policing the States


Readers Forum

Of museums and monuments


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