June 2010 
Year 16    No.152

Moment of Reckoning
Clinching documentary evidence corroborates serious charges against Narendra Modi and key officials in his administration


A culture of impunity


Cover Story
--   Dial M for Massacre 

--   Travesty of truth



Crime compunded


Special Report

State terror

Freedom Flotilla

-- ‘I told you so’

-- A special place in hell

-- Kill a Turk and rest

-- Treat Palestinians Like Jews

-- The cautionary tale of Helen Thomas

-- Satyagraha in Palestine



An open letter to the fatwa-makers



-- Faisal Shahzad’s radicalisation

-- Maududi: The fountainhead of religious extremism

-- ‘My Beloved Ummah’


Human Rights

-- Why Afzal must not be hanged

-- Amnesty: Working against oblivion?



Selective Muslim rage

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