March 2011 
Year 17    No.155


The wrong arm of the law

As the Somasekhara Commission report attempts a
shameful cover-up, a citizens’ inquiry commission highlights
the full horror of the sangh parivar’s targeting of
Karnataka’s Christians in 2008


Hindutva’s evil genius


Cover Story

-- The wrong arm of the law

-- Crimes by men in uniform

-- Media as collaborators

-- Fallen by the wayside


Damning report


In Solidarity

-- Appeal for immediate action

-- Campaign of calumny

-- Vile attempts

-- End this harassment

-- Smear tactics


Human Rights

Space for civil society is being contracted



-- ‘Like being in love’

-- The uprising

-- Why fear the Arab revolutionary spirit?

-- Overcome 9/11 through 2/11  

-- Fuel to the flame

-- What came before… What lies ahead?



-- ‘State multiculturalism has failed’

-- ‘I am glad that the ground is shifting’

-- Cameron speech delights far right

-- ‘Cameron’s message is that Muslims are not wanted’
-- ‘Defend multiculturalism; don’t let Cameron divide us’



On the same path



Poem: Would you permit me?

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