December  2000 


Cover Story
India's Christians Salt of the earth
--  ‘We chose the Holy Family Hospital because we felt  that it would at least be  God-fearing’
-- ‘Men for Others’
-- ‘We believe that every one is a child of God’
-- ‘Bosco made an enormous contribution to me as a person’
-- Why Sonali Bendre gifted Rs. 25 lakhs to St. Catherine’s Home?
-- ‘I am what I am thanks to my school’
-- Victory over Poverty
-- ‘I am proud to be from a school with workers so committed to education’
-- ‘Spirituality lies in working against injustices, for truth. Without this emphasis
what use is ritualistic faith alone?’— Father Hugh Fonseca

-- ‘Lay persons increasingly feel that the Church should get involved in politics,
in civic issues’ — Father Alwyn D’Silva

A people’s priest 
-- The pen as weapon of change

Agnel Baba, ‘Servant of God’

Wedded to the catholic value 
-- Christian contribution

Censored history
‘Power within the Church still lies with the upper castes’
A Red Herring called conversion
How Christians have enriched the Word in India

Sentiments Sarswayamsevakji? 

The Idea of India 

in the courts 

Targetting Minorities
Christmas sans joy 

Dalit Drishti
Mockery of Justice 

Martin Macwan, crusader for Dalits

The mukhaota slips, in New York 

The ISI and the truth 

Editor's Choice
Ms Neta Golan, Shalom!

The immorality of nuclear weapons

Special Report
Women activists are no witches

Targeting Minorities
Christmas sans joy



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