February 1999

Christian headcount in Gujarat

We reproduce below an English translation of a circular sent by the director general of police (intelligence) Gujarat state.  

To:  ALL DSPs and Police Commissioners of Gujarat State Police
For Information: Police Ahmedabad; IGPs of all Ranges. (Through: DS. Police Control)
From : Director of Police (Intelligence), Gujarat State, Ahmedabad.
Ref. No : D.2: Hindu – Christi/83/99 Date 02,02, 1999 (1058)

Presently, the incidents of class-conflicts between Hindus and Christians are increasing very much. It is very necessary to stop these activities.
In your district : -
1) What is the total population of Christians?
2) Which all places do they live in?
3) At which places are their missionaries located?  (Along with the number and name).
4) They are encouraged by which foreign countries?
5) From which foreign countries and how much amount of grant do they get? How do they make use of it?
6) Population of Christians in your district, taluka–wise and village–wise. You are requested to give information about the name, address and telephone numbers of their main leaders.
7) In the last five years, how many cases of class–wars between Hindus and Christians have been registered in your district? What was their result in the court?
8) How many Christians are involved and in which all offences? You are requested to certainly send the name, address and the case registration number of the offender along with their dossiers.
9)In your districts, what type of trickery is being used by the Christian Missionaries defilement activities?  How are they increasing it?
10) How many and what types of vehicles do they possess? You are requested to inform the number of vehicles.
11) Amongst them, how many have got what all type of licenses for keeping weapons? When were these licenses issued to them?
12) What all arrangements have been made by you for their security? You are requested to inform the number and the approximate amount of expenses incurred after their security.
13) You are requested to send the dossiers of all such Christians who are involved in criminal activities and having criminal attitude.

NOTE: You are kindly requested to send the above information after completing the necessary procedures before 15.02.1999.

P. B. Upadhyaya   

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