October 1999

‘Morally, the sanghis are the murderers’ 

The murder of Steins and his two sons and the events leading to it are very similar to the plot that led to the killing of Mahatma Gandhi. In both cases, more than the actual murderers it is the organisation behind them that are the real culprits.

After the murder of the Mahatma on January 30, 1948, although it was common knowledge that the murderers were known sanghis and Hindu Mahasabhaites, both the organisations were never proven guilty of their role in the killing of the Mahatma. The help that Godse and his gang got before and after the murder was only because the entire sangh machinery was geared up for action. Godse of Pune got his initial funds and weapons for the failed attack of January 20, 1948 from Mumbai and Aurangabad. He received funds and hospitality everywhere in the offices of the Hindu Mahasabha and the Sangh. Although there was supposedly bad blood between the two organisations, after the bomb attack of January 20, Godse was again sheltered by the sanghis and the Mahasabhaites. Known Mahasabha and sangh members assisted their unhindered return to Mumbai and their hunt for a suitable weapon. All this while Madanlal Pahwa, the bomber of January 20 was singing to the Delhi police and had revealed the identity of his co-conspirators. He had gone to the extent of warning them, "phir ayega". The killer will come back.

Nathuram and Apte flew back to Delhi from Gwalior and carried out their deed on January 30, 1948. The Hindu Mahasabha and the RSS immediately arranged their defence. Apart from this at various places the sanghis and the Mahasabhaites distributed sweets to celebrate the killing of the Mahatma. Godse vented his spleen in court and tried to justify his act by painting himself as the protector of Hinduism and an avenger of Bharatmata. Who put these ideas into his mind ? Was he born with the poison in his mind? If the final act, then, was due to the poisoned mind, then wouldn’t the poisoner also be guilty of the crime?

The Bajrang Dal and the other sanghi organisations may not have issued written or verbal orders to kills the Steins but the systematic hate campaign launched by the sanghi organisation was a pre-planned ploy to trigger of acts by lunatic fringe. That the two actions happened simultaneously but did not have any bearing on each other is unbelieveable; there was a definite nexus.

The other pointer to all the pogroms against the Christians was being orchestrated and premeditated is the fact that the minds of the common people were systematically desensitised. The gruesome murder of Graham Steins and particularly the two innocent children did not generate sufficient revulsion among the people on the street. The propagandist shouted down every protest under the new found slogan of Hindu Dharam Khatre mein hein.

(An abstract from an article by Tushar Gandhi in The Statesman, August 17, 1999) 

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