September  2000 


Cover Story
Wooing the victim
-- The BJP president is talking like Pakistan’s Parvez Musharraf’
-- Dilli mein aaiye, tab baat karenge’
-- How can the BJP win the confidence of minorities, especially in Gujarat?’
-- Not a single educational institution has got minority status during the BJP’s rule in UP’
-- Why hasn’t Laxman uttered a single word about Christians, the current target of the sangh parivar?’
‘We have got cooperation from government officials irrespective of the party in power’

Saffron promises and performance 
The BJP’s new social bloc 
If Laxman plays Hanuman…

Rights and wrongs 

Special Report
Mockery of Justice
Policemen off the hook

Voices from the Valley 

TADA in a new garb

Targgetting Minorities
‘Perhaps, India does not need us’ 

Germany: Ultra–right on the rampage

Itihas as the VHP reads it 

Kaun na banega cynic?

Breaking Barriers
VHP’s peace pretensions challenged in New York   

Memo to Vajpayee from US Dalits

Liberhans Commission: Stalled by Kalyan Singh  


Open Letter
Stifling freedom with public money

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