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Editors' Choice


   Reimagining history By Gautam Patel  (Mumbai Mirror, Oct. 1, 2010) 

   Force of faith trumps law and reason in Ayodhya case - Siddharth Varadarajan 
(The Hindu, Oct. 1, 2010)

   The loneliness of being Hasan Gafoor (Indian Express, Dec. 18, 2009)

   POWER DRIVE Jawaharlal Nehru said in 1963: “The danger to India, mark you, is not
      communism, it is Hindu right-wing communalism.”
 (AG Noorani) Frontline April 11-24, 2009 

   Our singularly plural  ways  (Sitaram Yechury) (Hindustan Times) March 13, 2009 

   India should not become like Israel, beyond repair and utterly vulnerable
 (by Jyotirmaya Sharma) Julyl 29, 2008

  Muslim couple marries off adopted daughter, calls priest for ‘saat phere'  
(The Indian Express) April 28, 2008

  ‘I was always Leftist. Economic reforms made me completely Marxist’
    Mani Shankar Aiyar (The Indian Express) April 24, 2007

  Party games  Yogendra Yadav (The Indian Express)  March 21, 2007

  America's Hypocrisy February 22, 2007 (The Times of India)

  Modi, Mody & Co  Rajdeep Sardesai February 1, 2007 (The Hindustan Times)

  What the BJP's election campaign CD `Bharat ki Pukar' presents -- excerpts from the
 (The Hindu)  April 7, 2007
  United colours of India -- Sagarika Ghose (The Hindustan Times)  

  Cops failed them, but not this mosque -- Raja Shekhar Vundru  (The Indian Express)

  Buddha as untouchable -- Raja Shekhar Vundru  (The Times of India)

  A hierarchy of truth -- James Carroll   (International Herald Tribune)

  Khan Saheb in Kashi -- Shekhar Gupta  (The Indian Express)

  Reality hits home -- Muzamil Jaleel  (The Indian Express)

  Done to death -- V Gangadhar  (The Hindustan Times)

  MAKING A DIFFERENCE - ENDURING SPIRIT Hawker who toils to buy books for his wife -- Ashok Das  (The Hindustan Times)

  United hatred of women -- By: Anil Thakraney   (Mid-Day)

  Assembly of hypocrites -- By Nicholas D. Kristof  (The Asian Age)

  National curriculum framework & the social sciences -- Romila Thapar  (The Hindu)

  Brothers in Arms  (Editorial)  (The Times of India)

  America, India and the outsourcing of imperial overreach -- Siddharth Varadarajan   (The Hindu)

 Manmohan Singh and colonialism -- Prabhat Patnaik  (The Indian Express)

  Goodbye Nehru, hello Bush -- M.J. Akbar  (The Asian Age)

   Immigrant Bogeyman -- Editorial  (The Times of India)

  The Last Trumpet -- M.J. Akbar  (The Asian Age) 

  India-US defence is in a frame that cannot work  -- Prakash Karat  (The Asian Age)

  Goodbye Nehru, hello Bush -- M.J. Akbar  (The Asian Age)

   Women, Stand Up For Your Rights: The real reason why we need a uniform civil code
Shabana Azmi  (Times of India)

   Ayodhya’s original security lapse -- Manoj Mitta   (The Indian Express)

  ‘(After Gujarat) I think I grew as a human being, as I grew from being a child to an adult’
Aamir Khan  (The Indian Express)


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