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November  2001

Rajasthan: attempting a replication  (Cover Story)
Killer ‘Trishuls’ in hand, the sangh parivar is now trying to replicate its highly successful
 experiment in communalising neighbouring Gujarat

October 2001
Hindutva targets the hinterland

With the administration and the police as mute witness, in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan, the Bajrang Dal and the VHP are actively engaged in yet another bloody build–up to their campaign for the Ram mandir in Ayodhya

July 2001

Stop the ‘Talibanisation’ of India!
Unchecked by the state, the continued activities of  outfits who are the blatant votaries of
Hindutva threaten the militarisation of civil society


May 2001

Murder mysteries

April 2001

Unless he, too, prefers to suffer from ‘memory failure’ before the Liberhan Commission as Uma Bharati did, Union home minister LK Advani would benefit from a quick survey of news reports that recorded his words and deed for posterity – during the bloody rath yatra in 1990, till the demolition of the Babri masjid in 1992 and subsequently

December 2000
Christmas sans joy

For the third successive year, the sangh parivar has chosen the Christmas season to terrorise Christians in tribal Gujarat

July 2000

Blinding Reality  (Cover Story)
The PM refuses to face daily asaults  on India's tradition of tolerance by members  of his own parivar. 
What about us? 


April 2000

Face to Face with fascism  (Cover Story)
Forced ethnic segregation, calculated violence and the blatant  misuse of government
machinery  throttles democracy in Gujarat


January 2000

For the second successive year in BJP-ruled Gujrat, Christmas time was curfew time for Christians from The Dangs district.


Attacks on minorities unrelenting
The past few months have witnessed sporadic attacks on minorities in Orissa, Gujarat, Bihar and the south. Immunity to this growing trend has meant that these have gone more or less uncondemned by our political leadership


July 1999

Minority rights, a global concern
Acting on the recommendations of inquiry commissions will go a long way in dealing with communal conflict

June 1999
Secularism or conversions

Adoption of a new faith is one thing, converting someone to it is quite another

March 1999
Judicious act
A judge cries a halt, suo motu, to the Gujarat police’s attempt at a communal census


February 1999
Christian headcount in Gujarat
‘In your districts what type of trickery is being used by the Christian Missionaries?’

January 1999
Conversions: A warped debate  (Cover Story)
Plus a report on the Christmas-time attacks on Christians in Gujarat

October 1998
'Welcome to Hindu Rashtra'  (Cover Story)
In the last six months the saffron brigade has unleashed a reign of terror in the land of the Mahatma.
The targets: Christians and Muslims.

June 1998
Followers of Jesus in a Hindu Rashtra

Attack on Christians and their places of worship continue unabated throughout India.

April 1998
Saffron targets People of the Cross
In the six weeks between February 14 and March31, Christians religious persons were attacked in seven different places in the country.There appears to be a definite saffron method at work in this targeting of the Church.













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