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Kheirlanji Massacre

Justice for the
Justice for the Bhotmange Family


Lone survivor- Bhaiyalal Bhotmange

     Massacre in Maharashtra (CC November 2006)


Can the Kherlanji massacre become a test case
for the struggle for justice?

While the local media began its coverage of this incident from the first week of October itself, apart from the DNA newspaper published from Mumbai, the rest of the ‘national’ media awoke to the event only after a peaceful dharna was held by activists in November. As we go to press today, the real challenge is whether this incident of brutal mass murder in a relatively remote area can generate national outrage the way the Jessica Lal case or the Priyadarshini Mattoo case has.

Meanwhile, CC asks its readers to participate in a campaign to demand justice for the victims in Kherlanji. The campaign demands:

-- A CBI probe into the Kherlanji massacre.

-- A special court with a time-bound schedule to conduct a

day-to-day trial to prosecute the guilty.

-- Serious witness protection to be provided by central forces.

-- Criminal prosecution of the policemen and doctors responsible

for suppression of the incident.

-- A campaign against the suppression of protests against the

incident by the Maharashtra government.


Write protest letters and join the campaign

1) Prime Minister, Shri.Manmohan Singh 

email: [email protected]


2) Chairperson UPA, Smt. Sonia Gandhi

email: [email protected] / [email protected]


3) Union Home Minister, Shri. Shivraj Patil

email: [email protected]


4) CM Maharastra, Shri. Vilasrao Deshmukh 

email: [email protected]


   Remember Priyanka? (The Hindustan Times, 16 November, 2006)

   Killed for speaking up (The DNA, 7 October, 2006)

   Fact Finding Reports

    (Khairlanji Massacre: A collection of reports)

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