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October 24, 2014

Don’t Communalise Food and Culture: Justice Rajinder Sachar to GOG Minister for Civil Aviation Ashok Pusapati


Dated : 30/10/2014


Dear Friends,


          I am enclosing my correspondence with Minister for Civil Aviation. I have received no reply. I sent this correspondence to the press – but none has used it. This shows a very sad state of affairs. The action of the government in classifying Non-vegetarian (which I write) to be substituted by ‘Moslem Meal’ is to resort to pre independence practise of foreign Air lines – even they now do not use this expression – they only put down Non-vegetarian (No Beef or No Pork) depending upon the passengers choice. But Indian Air Lines do not serve beef or pork in its flights and rightly so.

          I feel that the revival of this communal usage to the meal is deliberately inflaming communalism. To me this evil practise has to be nipped in the bud. The matter is much larger of communalizing the society.

With best wishes,


Yours truly,


Rajindar Sachar




RAJINDAR SACHAR                                          
 A-19, New Friends Colony, Chief Justice (Retd.)   
New Delhi 110065(India)

High Court of Delhi, New Delhi                                          

Chairperson Prime Minister’s High Level Committee                         
E - Mail: [email protected]

On Status of Muslims (Ex.) 
[email protected]

UN Special Rapporteur on  Housing                                                           
Fax: 091-011-26313393

Member, U.N. Sub-Commission on Prevention of  

Discrimination and Protection of Minorities (Ex.)      

President, Peoples Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL)
Mobile : 9810009644

Dated : 20/10/2014




Dear Mr. Minister,

          I had booked my ticket for Calcutta & back (copy enclosed) In this copy you will find that apart from other details it is mentioned “Meal Request – Moslem meal” (underlined by me) I am shocked how this entry has come. In fact this kind of entry was banned by Government of India decades back (as it was a British legacy) It was substituted by ‘Vegetarian’ and ‘Non Vegetarian’ and that too in the international flights. It has never been put in domestic flight ticket except in the present one (I am a frequent flyer). Even though one may indicate in request “vegetarian” or “non vegetarian” but to call Non Vegetarian under “Moslem meal” is mischievous. From where is its suggested that Muslims alone are Non Vegetarian and Hindus are Vegetarian. This communal tinge is mischievous and unacceptable.


- 2 -        

I would be interested in knowing whether such communal description is as per directions of the Ministry. If D.G. Civil Aviation has done it on its own it is still unpardonable and necessary action needs to be taken in this matter. Needless to add order for abandoning this practise should be immediately issued.   

          With best wishes,

                                                                                       Your’s sincerely,


                                                                             Rajindar Sachar




Hon’ble Mr. Ashok Gajapathi Raju Pusapati

Minister for Civil Aviation

Office of Minister for civil Aviation, New Delhi

Email: [email protected]


Hon’ble Mr. g.M. Siddeshwara

Minister of State for civil Aviation,New Delhi,

Email: [email protected]


Copy to;-

Dr. Prabhat Kumar

Director General (DGCA)

New Delhi.

Email: [email protected]


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