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Update:  April 25, 2002                                                                                                    <<< News Network index page


By Dilip Simeon 

There have been news reports that the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, the rabid religious wing of the RSS has drawn closer to the LTTE and that it is now operating in Tiger controlled areas of the Sri Lanka.

It is obvious that the VHP is operating in Sri Lanka under the garb of spreading Hinduism. However many see this as a move that is intended to learn the arts in which the tigers excel . Infact the association of Hindutva with the tigers is not all that new.The Shiv Sena had recently endorsed the right of the 'Hindu Tamils'.The tigers have ample experience in pogroms and terrorist activities. The pogrom organised by the VHP,RSS,Bajrangdal and the VHP in Gujarat was similar to the ethnic cleansing of the Tamil Muslims..

A shocking newsreport published in the Times of India recently says Vigyanand (38) a VHP pracharak who attended the Tiger chief's April 10 th press conference as an accredited representative of a VHP publication had interacted with the tigers.The tigers had not so far allowed any other outfit to operate from their areas. The VHP admits that they have set up atleast 10 schools for indoctrination of the Hindu Tamils.

The statements of the VHP agent is horrifying.The Indian government wants the tiger chief extradited
and are officially against the struggle.This is what he said , "I made it clear to them (LTTE) that we have nothing for or against their struggle. "

"I said we have a problem with Islam and  Christianity and are trying to build up Hindu unity."
For the Hindu nazis who operate from India exporting Hindu militancy areas across the world,be it to Trinidad and Tobago,Suriname,UK or elsewhere (many of which we have ourselves reported on this group and areavailable in the archives for public viewing), India's national interests are of no concern.LTTE is a banned organisation in India .That the members of the Sangh Parivar ,which is the soul and heart of the major ruling party ,associates with this organisation is a very disturbing trend.

The hindu nazis of the VHP admit that it is the hatred  towards the advance of Christianity which is taking them places.The tigers have allowed the Hindu nazis to operate  in their territory.What would the Hindu nationalists give the tigers in return?


The Hindutva forces tend to think that the proposed Tamil Eelam is a Hindu nation by default. The newsreport exposes the Hindutva sentiments ..

"Vigyananand (the VHP pracharak to Lanka) was  greatly impressed by the de facto Tamil state the  LTTE runs in the north."

"They have put up a parallel administration with their own penal code, judiciary, banks, police and orphanages," he said. "It is a full-fledged state. We have a lot to learn from them."

One wonders what the forces of Hindutva has to learn from the Tamil tigers known for their ruthlessness
and terror.


The VHP is sharing it's expertise in communal programmes like the Ram temple movement.The TOI report says that the VHP is ".. helping Hindus to retain control of an  ancient Hindu shrine at Kataragama in southern Sri Lanka,  which he said had come "90 percent" under Sinhalese-Buddhist  influence."


Our egroup has earlier published reports as to how the VHP was inciting the Buddhists against the Christians of Sri Lanka.The VHP was behind the planting of hate and propaganda mails and also planting false stories against the Church. The VHP pracharak's statements vindicate what we had written then...

"I advised Buddhist monks to go to villages to  spread their religion and to counter Christianity
like we have done in India," 

"As a religion nobody is suppressing Hinduism in  Sri Lanka. But with the exodus of Tamils and
Christian influence growing, Hindus here face problems."

It may be recalled that VHP had planted earlier stories  to create a wedge between the Christians and Buddhists of India.This is because the Buddhists and Christians had been coming closer.The Christian support to Udit Raj who leads to the Dalit liberation and his call for the right to convert to a faith of one's choice is anathema to the Hindu revivalist nazis. Inorder to suppress the Dalit's flight to liberation,they have to attack those who are sympathetic to the Dalit cause.The VHP's earlier attempt to team up with the Buddhist leaders and obtain a  statement against 'conversion' was exposed.However they  are continuing with their wicked conspiracies against the Christians and the Dalits.


The time has come for the governments of the world to contain the Hindutva network , it's funding sources
and operating stations in the West and outside India. A recent VHP meeting in UK is reported to have promised to drive out minorities from India.The British High  Commission's report on the incidents in Gujarat must be an eye opener.The VHP along with it's mentor RSS inc has proved to be the Hindu Al-Qaeda which the entire world must rise to crush.It's association with the LTTE must be fraught with disaster unparalleled.

* All quotes are from the TOI /IANS reports. The article is titled " VHP now building up Hindu unity in Sri Lanka" [IANS SPECIAL]By M.R. Narayan Swamy, Indo-Asian  News Service.





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