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Press Freedom


Editors Guild of India Condemns Gujarat police Action


Editors Guild of India 
C/o Outlook Sapthahik 

AB10, Safdarjang Enclave
New Delhi.                                                                             2.6.2008 


                                       PRESS STATEMENT

The Editors Guild of Indis is shocked by the draconian and intolerant  action of the Ahmedabad police which has made charges of sedition against the Times of India, its resident editor and two journalists .

The action of the City Police Commissioner O P Mathur smacks of vindictiveness as the newspaper had carried article criticising the choice of Mathur as the Police Commissioner. Sedition is a charge which was  slapped on the Indian media by the colonial rulers during the freedom struggle. Abuse of sedition provision against the media negates the freedoms granted to the citizens by the Constitution. The Guild expects the Government of Gujarat to ensure that the persecution of the Times of India and its journalists is stopped forthwith and take action under law for misusing the provisions of the Indian Penal Code. 

K S Sachidananda Murthy
Secretary General


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