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Are we really free?

Only if we can Peacefully Protest; Express our anguish and anger; Demand a fair listening.

We all have a voice that counts. That must not be silenced.

Commmunalism Combat invites peaceful protesters against public policy, demanding fundamental freedoms, communities out to preserve livelihoods and cultures, all those peacefully expressing their views and dissent to share video and audio clips, photographs and or articles on these instances of peaceful assembly. We shall ensure swift and widespread reach of this space dedicated to deepening of our democracy and to furthering freedoms. And create a vast community network of solidarity, within all our societies, in India and all of Asia. 

Inform us of your planned protest at [email protected]; information of spontaneous protests can also be given at 91 22 26602288/26603927. or fill the feedback form

Celebrate Freedoms, Log In Your Protest.

Today, building of such a network within and outside of India is critical. The creation of this network is driven by the staunch and committed belief that the test of truly democratic societies can be measured on how freely peoples are allowed to express dissent. We must be able to question a government’s policies, express our disenchantment and anger, that is our basic right. We must be able to hold commemorative demonstrations, remember our dead and lost ones, remind the powerful in our country and all over the world of injustice and violence, that too is our right.  

All over Asia and the world, the right to free and peaceful assembly and protest is under threat. Combat invites you to share creative videos, photographs, articles and interviews on peaceful assembly and protest. We must because we can. On 

We need to systematically document protests and build solidarities. Today, a 10 year old protest against the POSCO plant in Orissa (led by the Posco Protirodh Sangram Samitiand Chaasi Mulya Adivasi Sangh) finds little or no space in the mainstream media. The ongoing protests against the forcible seizure of lands and livelihoods in Jharkand and Chhatisgarh as documented by the Chhatisgarh Bachao Andolan, Chhatisgarh Mukti Morcha, Chhatisgarh PUCL and the Jharkand Mukti Morcha have led to hundreds of false criminal charges being filed against protesting villagers, especially women. Yet the rest of India knows little about them. And, the over 1000 day on-going protest against the Koodankulum nuclear plant in the southern tip of India has also seen the media glare turn away.

Come let us look beyond the shadows and silences....


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