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Resources for Secularism -- Films Videos Cassette


1.      Bombay - A Myth Shattered – A video by Teesta Setalvad, reminds us of the pogrom against Muslims in the 1992-’93 riots, but also offers a glimpse of hope. (a Sabrang home production). Duration : 25 mins.


2.   Bombay’s Blood Yatra – (a Sabrang home production) directed by Suma Jasson, the video traces the origin of the 1992-’93 Bombay riots.


3.   Artists against Communalism – A gathering of creative people originating from Ayodhya, as a powerful message to counter the kind of narrow ideology forcefully projected across the country. SAHMAT.


4.   Making Trouble Where There Is None (A Frontline Presentation). A video production by Frontline, throwing light on the RSS affiliated Hindu Munnani’s attempt at manipulating the Ganesh Chaturthi procession in Madras in September 1993. Duration : 20 mins.


5.   Aur Hum Dekhte Rahe – Directed by Rajkumar Asthana, it’s a video focussing at the horror of Bombay’s violence and the rise of Hindutva forces, juxtaposing it with the failure of Dalit organisations, women’s groups and trade unions in tackling the onslaught. Duration : 45 mins.   


6.   Kiska Dharm Kiska Desh – A film by Mediastorm Collective, raises the question: What is Ram Rajya and who is it for?


7.   Tamas – Directed by Govind Nihalani, it’s a tele-film recalling the pain and horror of 1947.


8.   Observer – News Channel – India’s first fortnightly news-video cassette, priced at Rs. 125, distributed by Magnum, ‘Nirant’, 14th road, Khar, Mumbai – 400052.


9.   Eyewitness – Produced by HTV for The Hindustan Times Limited, Eyewitness is a news video cassette. Distributed by Magnum, ‘Nirant’, 14th road, Khar, Mumbai – 400052, its priced at Rs. 140. 


10.  Amawas – Produced by Iqbal Ansari, Amawas is a serial dealing with the every day pressure which the people of lower middle income group experience in cosmopolitan cities like Karachi.

For details contact : Shalimar Recording Company Limited,

P.O. box 1246, Islamabad (Pakistan)

Phone – 856171.


11.  Khasman Khanian (the husband eaters) – An Ajoka theatre production. It’s a play on women rights. Based on Shahid Nadeem’s plays on feminist themes. Duration : 50 mins.


12.  Jhalli Kithay Javay (where should the mad woman go?) – An Ajoka theatre production. It’s a Punjabi drama about a defiant woman who is declared possessed. Duration : 45 mins.


13.  Aik Thee Nani – Directed by Madeeha Gauhar, written by Shahid Nadeem, the play portrays the drab, oppressive life of the dadi’s middle-class household when her grand daughter is prevented from realizing her aspirations. Its well balanced with a little chaos, mischief and fun.


14.  Barri (acquittal) – Directed by Madeeha Gauhar and written by Shahid Nadeem, the play opens a prison cell which holds three women prisoners; they are joined by a fourth – a political activist. The play calls into question the oppressive laws and discriminatory justice system of our society.


15.  Fishers of Men – A film by Ranjan Kamath and Padmavati Rao. It’s a video documentary featuring the re-conversion of Christian tribals to Hinduism as well as the violence towards missionaries and Christian tribal youth.

For details contact – Ranjan Kamath/Padmavati Rao

RKO films P.Ltd

704 A Silver Oak, Hiranandani Gardens,

Powai, Mumbai- 400076


16.  From the Burning Embers – Directed and produced by Mediastorm Collective. It’s a powerful indictment of the custom of sati, where a young widow is burnt alive on the funeral pyre of her husband.


17.  In Secular India – A documentary on the passage of the controversial Muslim women’s protection of rights on Divorce Bill, passed by the Indian parliament in May 1986. A Mediastorm Collective production.


18.  Ad-Mania – A video-discussion kit on “living fully in an advertising age.” Duration : 23 mins, priced at Rs. 150.


19.  Islam in India : (KHOJ) – a site that describes how the seeds of Islam were sown in India by the arrival of Arab traders in the early 18th century.


20.  Jala Do – Written, produced and directed by Amy Laly, it’s a documentary and essay about the Bombay riots of the early ‘90’s. The video is dedicated to “victims of bigotry and hate” and is also a commentary on various religious and political issues facing India. Duration : 20 mins.


21.  Dekh Tamasha Chalta Ban – a local play by Ajoka, it has been performed many times but with variations in production. It is a popular play and has an enduring appeal.   





1.   In The Name Of God – A film by Anand Patwardhan. It documents how religion has been used for political and financial gain in the Babri Masjid - Ramjanmabhoomi conflict. Available at Rs 500 for institutions and Rs 350 for individuals.


2.   Adhi Adhuri Jhooti Sacchai – By Astha, Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai. It’s a media-kit, tackling communal stereotypes, consisting of a short video film and a study guide.


3.   Doosri Awaaz – Directed by K.P. Sasi, it’s a feature film in Hindi, on the victimisation of women in Kerala.

       For details contact : ALCOM – Alternate Communication Forum

       A – 11, Green Park Extension, New delhi – 110016.


4.   Father, Son and Holy War – Produced and directed by Anand Patwardhan, the film

      is on men, religion and violence. Duration : 120 mins.

For details contact : P.O. box 5216, Dadar (east), Mumbai – 400014.


5.   Who is afraid of little girls? – Directed by Sehjo Singh, it’s a film on child

      marriages in Rajasthan, India. The film is in English and a duration of 20 mins.

For details contact – D-3173, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110030, India.

Phone – (91 –11) 6890604.


6.   We are not your monkeys – A film by Anand Patwardhan, it’s a dalit critique of the 

      Ramayana legend. Duration : 5 mins.

      For details contact : Anand Patwardhan,

       27, Lokmanya Tilak Colony Marg,

      No.2 Dadar, Mumbai – 400014, India.

      Phone – (91 – 22 – 4143782)


7.   Manufacturing Consent – Noam Chomsky and the media  -  Directed and produced

      by Mark Achbar, Peter Wintonick, the film is divided into two parts. One dealing with

      ‘thought control in a democratic society and the other on ‘activating dissent’.

For details contact : Gil Scrine films,

24, Empire St. Haberfield 2045.

Phone – (02) 716 6354


8.   Ek minute ka maun –  A video by Ajay Bharadwaj, paying tribute to

      Chandrashekhar Prasad, an unwilling pawn but a willing activist at the Jawaharlal

      Nehru University, Delhi.

For details contact : Ajay Bharadwaj, 9191, DDA flats,

Masudpur, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi – 110070.

Phone – 6898610.


9.   Sonamaati – a very ordinary gold – Directed by Sehjo Singh, its about a woman’s

      chapter in the struggle for land. The video is in Marwari with English subtitles.

      Duration : 40 mins. For details contact : Sehjo Singh and Anwar Jamal,

      D3 / 3173, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi – 110070Phone – 91 11 6890604.


10.  Dongargan – It’s a film by PEE  AMM Enterprises and is the story of the triumph of

       optimal human energies in a situation of minimal resources.


11.  Occupation : Millworker – A film by Anand Patwardhan. It records the courageous

       action of workers who, after a four-year lock-out, forcibly occupied The New great

       eastern mill. Duration : 25 mins.


12.  Bombay: Our City – A film by Anand Patwardhan. It tells the story of the daily

       battle for survival of 4 million slum dwellers of Bombay who make up half the city’s

       population. Duration : 57 mins.


13.  A Season Outside – Directed by Amar Kanwar, its a personal and philosophical

      journey through the shadows of past generations, conflicting positions, borders and

      time zones. For details contact : A K Productions, N-14 A Saket, New Delhi 17,


14.  From Behind the Barricade – Directed by Tapan Bose, it’s a film

      on the Khalistan movement.


15.  Ribbons for Peace – A film by Anand Patwardhan, its an anti-nuke music video,

       incorporating the music of Kishore Kumar. Duration : 5 mins.


22.  You Cant Sink a Rainbow – Green Peace anti nuclear campaign.


18.  Streets Alive – A document on the problems street children of Mumbai face daily

       and the challenges two voluntary agencies experience in rehabilitating them. With a 

       duration of 23 mins, its priced at Rs. 150.


19.   Johnny – A poignant story of the childhood of Don Bosco, the educator, who is

       compelled to leave home in pursuit of his dream. Duration : 1hr 50mins.

       Priced at Rs. 275


20.  Salim Langde Pe Mat Ro – Directed by Saeed Mirza, the film focuses on one 

       aspect or the other of the frustrations of life in Bombay city. It’s a NFDC production.


21.  Punjab Ki Kahani – Directed and Produced by Nalini Singh, the documentary

      examines the tense situation in Punjab and highlights the Hindu and Sikh 

      communities, and how their interactions are bearing under the strain of militancy.

      Duration : 27 mins.


22.  Nasoor – Directed and Produced by Saba Dewan. Shot during the Meerut riots, the

      film analyses relations at the social, economic and political levels in

      the aftermath of riots.


23.  Gandhi – Directed by Richard Attenborough, the film follows the efforts of Mohandas

       Karamchand Gandhi to free India from colonial rule. Duration : 188 mins.


24.  The Great Dictator – A film directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin, it’s a satire on

       fascism and in particular Adolf Hitler and Nazism.


25.  India : Turmoils of the Century – A film produced by Point du Jour, brings to life in

       a coherent manner the history of the world’s largest democracy and the leaders that

       shaped it. It has two videos for a duration of 52 mins each.


26.  Surmanthan – Produced by Ali Yavar Jung National Institute for the hearing

      handicapped, it’s rehabilitation story of a deaf boy. Duration : 42 mins.


27.  In the Memory of Friends – A film by Anand Patwardhan, documenting the

       violence and terror in Punjab. 


28.  Mephisto – Directed by Istvan Szabo, it is based on the novel by Klaus Mann, offers

      penetrating insights into

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