Online; Full Srikrishna Report                Excerpts from the Madon Comm. Report on Bhiwandi Riots, 1970


1) Hindutva's role in riots and official complicity 

2) Anti-minority bias in the Indian Police 

3) Publishers Note : Who's afraid of the Srikrishna Commission Report?

4) Introduction : The 'retaliation' myth shattered

5) Volume I : Main Findings and Recommendations

6) Volume II : The Evidence

7) Response : Memorandum of Action (ATR) taken by Shiv Sena-BJP government on the report of The Commission of Inquiry

8) Annexure : Extracts from the report of the Justice D.P. Madon

Commission of Inquiry into the communal disturbances at Bhiwandi, Jalgaon and 

Mahad in May 1970

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