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     and Peace

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  Acts of Terror
-  Condemn the bomb
    blast in Delhi

(Sept. 7, 2011)
- Terror attack

Press Release)
  (July 14, 2011)

Lessons from November 26 a people's analysis

-  Nanded Explosions
    The truth about the 
    Nanded blasts

-  Sangli Communal
    Violence 2009
-  Strong Condemnation
    of Terror Attack

    November 28, 2008
-  Mau Violence
    Exclusive Report
An Exclusive
   Citizens Report (Pdf)

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  Caste Violence

 -   Ambedkar's way &
     Anna Hazare's

    (The Hindu 23 Aug. 2011) 

  -  NHRC notice to
     Karnataka on manual

(The Hindu 22 Aug. 2011) 

  - Kheirlanji Massacre
   Justice for the
   Bhotmange Family


Justice For All

Signature campaign for implementation of Srikrishna Commission


  Our Neighbours
     Right Struggles
  -- Pakistan
  -- William Dalrymple
    on Madrasas in
  -- Bangladesh
-- 240 Days of State of Emergency
(Odhikar Report)
  -- Sri Lanka

  -- Nepal
  -- Afghanistan
  -- Thailand
  -- Indonesia
  -- Religious Intolerance in South Asia



- Srikrishna Commission Report on Mumbai Riots, Dec. 92-Jan. 93 and Bomb Blasts, March 93

- Rajindar Sachar Committer Report
Download (pdf 6.5 mb)

- Sachar Report
Executive Summary

English (pdf1.2mb)  
Urdu (pdf3.7mb)
Hindi (pdf1.3mb)

- The Missing Muslim

Press Commentary on the Sachar Report

Report of the
National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities

Part 1 (Pdf)      Part 2 (Pdf)


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  BJP – The Saffron


  Riots as Murder
- By Rajiv Dhavan


  Other Concerns
  -  Poverty Rural Job generation to get PPP push  (Business Standard)
  - Tamil Migrants
  - Struggle Against Minining MNCs  (pdf)
  - Right to Food  (pdf)
- US Religious Freedom Report  (pdf)

-  Palestinian Centre for Human Rights


  Sabrang Research
  Communalism in   
  Communalism in 

Public Meeting

Fatwa on Terrorism issued by Mufti Fuzail-ur-Rahman Hilal Usmani

Text of Fatwa: Hindi | Urdu | Marathi | Gujarati

Message from Sajjadanashin Of
Hazrat Khwaja Saheb,
Ajmer Shari
Press Coverage of Meeting
- Peace Concert
 Presentation to the US congress
- Aid distribution at
  refugee camp



   Communalism Combat -- November 2012 

Cover Story

Excerpts from the Judgement
in the Naroda Patiya Case

--  List of Accused

--  Quality of Witness Testimony

-- Previous Investigation: Gujarat Police


..... More

  India: Rights & Wrongs  Updated on  22 August  2014

A daily monitor on the state of Human Rights in India

     Mehsana teacher held for sexually harassing children

     Round III ends in a day, RTE quota still has few takers

     Bodo ultras kill ‘spy’ girl, upload video as warning
     Pakistani Rangers fire at BSF posts along international
        border in R S Pura

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 Citizens Protest

Victimisation of Teesta Setalvad,
CJP and Victim Survivors

To defend Teesta Setalvad and to demand justice
in Gujarat, please sign the petition at this link



  Sabrang Alternative News Network (SANN) 

Last updated  Friday August 22, 2014 04:49 PM

   PM urged to review Sachar panel's recommendations  

   CASE STUDY II: It was net loss for this Chhattisgarh farmer

   BJP govt won't implement Lokayukta mining report: Hegde


   Why Modi wants to Pick and Choose His Lokayukta
   Why Narendra Modi is on the Defensive? (03/09/11)

  INDIA: Human Rights Council's intervention sought
     concerning India's violations of indigenous peoples' rights

  'All victims of violence should get same compensation’(23/08/11)

   CBI INVESTIGATION Babri razing: Funds routed
     through hawala?

   The humble millet takes centre stage at Millet Mela (21/08/11)

   To Remove Corruption Strengthen Integrity of Institutions:
     Conflict of Interest in the Parliamentary Standing Committee


    Why no Lokayukta for 7 years, HC asks state govt  (19/08/11) 
    Hon Judge Don’t Preach, Ugly Can’t Be Beautiful (16/08/11) 

    Open your eyes, your Lordship (retired) Justice K T Thomas must know the truth of the RSS -- John Dayal  (08/08/11) 
    Music in the Valley, to remember Priyadarshini  (08/08/11) 
Citizens Complain to Press Council on Subramaniam Swamy's Article  (06/08/11) 

    Muslims, by any other name  (06/08/11) 
   Statement on CD targeting Shanti and Prashant Bhushan

   Azadi!: Syed Ali Shah Gilani and the Movement for Political Self-Determination for Jammu and Kashmir - By Yoginder Sikand    Mr. Modi  seeks  "Congress Votebank." (28/06/10) 
Conditions & Plight of Mumbra (Press Release) 10/02/10) 
Why so niggardly about debating concerns relating to Genetically Modified Foods, Mr. Jairam Ramesh?  (28/01/10) 
CJP Sabrang Commemorate Years of Sikh Massacre, Demand Justice for the Victims

   CBI’s Mission Kashmir - Manufacturing consent on Shopian
      rapes, murders  (27/10/09) 

   Online vigil by CMO leaves Gujarat babus on edge  (01/10/09) 
Law above all  (01/10/09) 
   FIR against 100 RSS activists in U.P.  (30/09/09) 
   Madrasa move - A call for change  (30/09/09) 
   Modi worships assault guns (30/09/09)

   Anti-Modi Jesuit’s US visit may mar CM’s visa chances  

   The Politics of Secularism and Women’s Rights  (29/09/09) 

   Universal Respect for Human Rights without Borders (28/09/09) 

   Crisis of ideology or war for fear from freedom (25/09/09) 

   Photos of deities should be disallowed even in govt offices

   Taliban-style ‘justice’ on the rise in Orissa (15/09/09) 

   Wali vs Modi: the tale of two poets (05/06/09) 

   Why should Hindus vote for BJP? (An open letter to Advani)

   Prelimanary Report of INDEPENDENT COMMITTEE ON 

   The Art of Not Writing  
   Cultural Policing in Dakshina Kannada  
   Happy Valentine's Day, Mr.Thackeray (06/02/08) 
   South Africa Dock Workers refuse to offload
      Israeli ship!
   Joint Statement by Indians and Pakistanis (pdf)
      A group of Indian and Pakistani intellectuals who met in Delhi during
      past two days have issued the following statement at the end of
      the gathering
   Terror: The Aftermath -- Anand Patwardhan (18/12/08)
    A Message of Communal Harmony and National
      Integration from Malegaon

   `AMCHI MUMBAI’ – Many questions, some lessons,

      Lalita Ramdas
 Hotel Taj : icon of whose India ?
   International conference of jurists on ‘Terrorism, Rule of 
     Law & Human Rights’ -- December 13-14, 2008

   Amaresh Mishra’s web of lies (11/12/08)
   Impartial judicial monitoring of all terror investigations
     by the apex court the need of the hour
   Observations and Recommendations about Continued
     Violence in Orissa
   Orissa Communal Violence - Chronology of Events
     as of 17th September

   'We will condole his death by a yatra across the state' –
     Togadia cares a little to SC order

   Indian citizens express pain at  killings of Kashmiris (14/08/08)

   Invite: Intimidation Of The Media
Public Meeting June 12, 2008
) (10/06/08)  

   Intimidation Of The Media - Who Gains?  (10/06/08)  

   Gujarat Muslims: The Way Ahead  (4/12/07)
   The root of violence  (4/12/07)

   Statement in support for Taslima (23/11/07)

   India can not progress if Muslims lag behind (28/10/07) 

   Ganeshotsav and Indian Muslims (28/9/07)

   Adivasis of Gujarat brutally attacked by forest and police officials Crops destroyed and tribal leaders indulged in criminal offences (Protest Rally on 17th September, at Surat)

    An experiment yet to take off (11/9/07)
   Building bridges between Sikhs and Muslims: The Contribution of Khwaja Hasan Nizami -- Yoginder Sikand

More ........

   Communal Carnage   

Updates on the Genocide

 A repeat of 1999? Threats and intimidation on Christians in  South Gujarat  (23/10/02)
Prominent citizens condemn the dastardly attck on innocent Hindu devotees at the Akshardham temple  (25/9/02)

It requires a different approach to stop violence in Vadodara  (24/9/02)

State Sponsored Terrorism
  Killer confessions
  The indictment  
  News, views
 Fact-finding reports
  Submissions before NHRC   
  Statements, Appeals, Protests
  Poem: Ram Mandir
  Relief and rehabilitation 

Gujarat's Bloody Trail
  Hindutva's 'laboratory', hell for minorities

Hope in Hell... Peacemakers   
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     Fascist Heritage  

IDRF and the American Funding of Hindutva
Hindutva’s fascist heritage 
The RSS Bible  
Who is to blame? Riots' reports
Who casts the first stone?


 Sardarpura Massacre

Backgrounder on Sardarpura Incident

(November 9, 2011)


Sardarpura judgment gives a clean chit to Teesta Setalvad of Citizens for Justice and Peace on charges of tutoring witnesses


Only Partly True
Two Rival US Based Reports and the Coverage they Get


To Pakistan, with love
Dr. Piyush Saxena



       Can Anna take on
         Modi please?

(Sept. 21, 2011) 

      Going on a farce
(Sept. 19, 2011) 

      INDIA: Modi's fast or
(Sept. 19, 2011) 


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Gujarat police officer implicates Modi in
2002 riots
(April 22, 2011) 

Read affidavit

On 17.8.2011.
a delegation of eminent citizens of Gujarat and Mumbai met the Governor of Gujarat and apprised her of the complete breakdown of Constitutional Machinery within the State.


 Gulberg Society:
Museum of resistance

A documentary on the Gulberg Memorial
of Resistance


Editors' choice

Ramzan helps bring cultures together

(The Hindustan Times,
Aug. 08, 2011) 

Faith cannot be the basis of any judgement
By Shohini Ghosh
(The Hindustan Times,
Oct. 5, 2010) 

The Muddle Path
By Dileep Padgaonkar

(The Times of India, Oct. 2, 2010) 

Judiciary on trial
By Manoj Mitta
(The Times of India, Oct. 2, 2010) 

The verdict on Ayodhya: a historian's perspective
By Romila Thapar
(The Hindu, Oct. 2, 2010) 

  -- Archives

  Religious Freedom in India Threatened


Book Review

Narendra Modi:
The Architect Of
A Modern State


  - Teesta Setalvad
  - Javed Anand



Footprints in the sand

-- Rahul Bose


UN slams Modi Govt.
for denying justice

(Full Report)



Orissa Violence

Click here for full coverage


      Press Freedom

    Attack on Freedom
of the Press

  Editors Guild of India Condemns Gujarat police Action


No bail for
Godhra accused


Gujarat Election 2007

Is the Congress Willing to Admit Mass Murderers? (Open Letter)


   BJP's "Hate Muslims"   
 excerpts from
   (The Hindu)
April 7, 2007
  The BJP says it never 
   knews about hate CD.
   Lies, Lies and More Lies

  Tehelka Report


Stop BJP's 'Hate Muslims' campaign for Hindu votes in UP!

  -- Petition to CEC: 
De-register BJP

  -- Petition to Union Home Minister, UP CM: Launch criminal Prosecution 


 -  Forcible Conversion of
    Muslims by Gujarat
 -  Administration
  - Maharashtra Polls  
  2004: Keep Religion
  Out of Politics !
  - Against Hate Speech
  - Against Hate Teaching  
  - Protest : Barbaric Rule
Saudi Arabia's inhuman
punishment of a rape victim
  - Against the culture


  - Peoples Agenda -

  Elections 2004 

  - Other Campaigns


  Legal Action /
  Punish the guilty
 - Mass Crimes

 - Compensation/

 - Individual Rights
 - Hate Speech

   You Can Act Now

   Legal Precedents
   The Law



US visa denial to
Narendra Modi

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