10th Anniversary Issue
August - September 2003 

Year 10    No.90-91




Message from Kofi Annan (UN Secretary General)


Editors' Note



‘Hindu India must be won over’  – Vinod Mehta

‘Space for scribes to speak without fear’ Rajdeep Sardesai

‘Impacting public discourse on communalism’ Siddharth Varadarajan

‘A small magazine with a great heart’ Myron J Pereira

‘Stripping bare the riot masterminds’ Subir Ghosh 

‘An idea whose time has come’ Alyque Padamsee 

‘Not just a magazine, a mission’ Hasan Kamal 

‘Fair and fearless’ Hisam Siddiqui 

‘Your crusade is commendable’ – Zahid Ali Khan 

‘We salute Communalism Combat – The Statesman


Dynamic journal, heroic role’ VR Krishna Iyer 

‘Enlarging the constituency of the secular minded’ KG Kannabiran 

‘A tribute, and some more’ K Balagopal 

‘Welcome focus on criminal justice system’ Mihir Desai 

‘Taking over from Darshan Kaur’ K Phaniraj 

‘Laying bare the fascist agenda’ Prashant Bhushan 

‘CC taken seriously by others’ Vibhuti Narain Rai 

‘In a disheartening environment, CC gives hope’ Vinod Kumar Mall 


‘An antidote to the venom in an intolerant society’ Cyrus Guzder 

‘Target: communalism’ Romila Thapar 

‘A synonym for anti-communalism’ KN Panikkar 

‘Exemplary media role’ Eduardo Faleiro 

‘CC was invaluable in enhancing the quality of debates in Parliament’ Shabana Azmi 

'I have benefited immensely from your magazine’ Mohammed Salim  

‘Journalism with a scientific mind and a humane heart’ Rooprekha Verma 

‘One of the most effective campaigns in recent times’ Vijay Tendulkar 

‘In defence of truth’ Satchit Balsari



‘It is, to me, the secular Gita of our time’ Swami Agnivesh 

‘Assembling a people’s court’ TK John 

‘CC stands for justice and peace’ Uzma Naheed 


As great a service rendered on the caste question’ Sukhdeo Thorat 
‘Fearless voice of the vulnerable and the marginalised’ Vasanthi Devi 



Gender sensitive journalism’ – Brinda Karat 

‘Making communal conflict a human rights issue’ – Flavia Agnes 

‘You have provided spaces for resistance and new hope’ – Vimochana



‘A special niche in the world of activism and journalism’ – Admiral L Ramdas



‘CC has yet to grasp the complex reality of J&K’ – Anuradha Bhasin Jamwal 

‘India’s civil society has failed Kashmiri society’ – Parvez Imroz



‘A historic response to the needs of the time’Dilip Hota 

‘CC has functioned in the belly of the beast’Rajen Prasad 

‘Not just another magazine but an institution in itself’Dolphy D’souza 

‘CC has not abandoned victims to be left on their own’Sushobha Barve 

‘A mission for justice and peace’Abdul Kader Mukadam 


Ten years into adulthood – Teesta Setalvad 

Feeling a little better now – Javed Anand 

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