February  2005 
Year 11    No.105

Cinema & Secualrism


Cover Story

-- Cinema & Secularism -- By Mahesh Bhatt
Does Hindi cinema reflect the
values of a plural society?

-- Notes from a personal diary -- By Khalid Mohamed
-- Talking songs -- By Javed Akhtar
-- Shifting equations  -- By Bhawana Somaaya
-- Remembering Anthony Gonsalves -- By Naresh Fernandes


Gender Justice
-- Personal Law Board is against the interests
of Muslim women’

-- Faulty model

Human Rights
Democracy endangered

Delhi police: If you are a Beng ali speaking Muslim,
you must be an illegal Bangladeshi immigrant


Crackdown in Nepal


Breaking Barriers
Icon of our times

In memory of Sriprakashji


Reality of reel life


Unstinting support

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