Dec. 2008 - Jan. 2009 
Year 15    No.135


Pakistan: Descent into Chaos
A View from Within

Cover Story    
-- Facing the truth

-- Fogbound nation

-- Listen, fellow Pakistani

-- Talk peace, confront terrorism

-- ‘The amazing fact is that parts of Pakistan’s upper
    class also support the Islamists’

-- Islam’s misogynists

-- ‘Only the ulema can save Pakistan now!’

-- The siege within

-- Descent into chaos

Fate of faith-states


Mumbai 26/11

Standing together

Collective grief

Pakistan’s burden


Memory as sieve


War on Gaza

-- Children of Gaza, run to the angels

--  Boycott Israel!

--  Holocaust denied

--  An unscholarly silence

--  Gandhi rejected Zionism

--  ‘The root of the problem is occupation’

--  A memo to Obama

--  The logic of colonial power


Good riddance

Why must I sing a Good-Friday Song
On this Christmas Day?



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